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Nissan X-Trail T30, 1 generation, restyling 06.2003 - 07.2007

1 generation, restyling
(T30) 06.2003 - 07.2007
CBA-NT30, CBA-T30, GH-PNT30, UA-NT30, UA-T30, T30
1 generation, restyling
As you know, middle-class SUVs are distinguished by the fact that they can have a full passenger load, and at the same time hold a fair amount of luggage. At the same time, they have a number of significant drawbacks: the high price of the car, poor maneuverability, high fuel consumption, inconvenience when landing or disembarking - this is what users of SUV class cars complain about.
 The fact that a solution to these issues was found in X-Trail was the reason for the popularity of this car, sales of which began in 2000. Built on the basis of the Nissan FF-S passenger platform, previously used in the passenger cars Nissan Primera and Nissan Almera, the new SUV received a design in the style of the Nissan Patrol SUV. Thanks to the special layout of the body, a comfortable landing and disembarkation was provided. The passenger compartment has a large usable area, and the luggage compartment is convenient for cargo operations.

 The base cost of the front-wheel drive X-Trail in the simplest configuration was only 1850 thousand. yen. All-wheel drive car was more expensive - exactly two million yen. Such a pricing policy could not but attract young people, because the main category of car users were people aged 20-30. At the same time, the equipment of the car, which was created taking into account the experience of numerous competitors, was fully consistent with the latest trends in the creation of middle-class SUVs. High landing provides good visibility, the seats are comfortable, with good lateral support, the steering wheel with an adjustable tilt, the dashboard is shifted to the center, even the driver received a “personal” glove box with a 12V socket. Behind - a three-seater sofa with a folding (60/40) back and with a varying slope. When folding, it forms a decent size luggage compartment with a flat floor. Upholstery material is inexpensive, but pleasing to the eye and to the touch. The standard equipment could be supplemented with numerous options: wood trim, sunroof, molding, spoiler, fog lights, etc. up to leather seat upholstery.

 The base power unit for the first-generation Nissan X-Trail was the 4-liter QR20DE engine with a volume of 2 liters and a capacity of 150 hp. It is a completely reliable engine; it quietly transfers AI-92, AI-95 gasoline and consumes about 7.8 liters per 100 km in mixed mode. Given the lightweight body structure, it should be noted that even with the base engine, the X-Trail has a fairly good specific power - 9.2 kg per horsepower. But, if this engine has a maximum torque of 200 Nm in the high-speed zone (4000), then its two-liter “colleague” SR20VET, which has boost and variable valve timing, torque is much more impressive 309 Nm already at 3200 rpm min The maximum power is 280 hp, and the specific power is a little more than 5 kg / hp .. With such indicators, the X-Trail can easily “make” most of the class rivals from a traffic light. Accordingly, the requirements for fuel quality and service are noticeably higher, and the risk of running into a well-traveled engine is quite high.

 The Nissan X-Trail suspension is moderately stiff, equally suitable for driving around the city, and in poor quality roads. Front - MacPherson, rear - multi-link design. The minimum turning radius is 5.3 meters. You can use only front-wheel drive, but a transfer case is built into the transmission, which automatically distributes torque, so switching to all-wheel drive All mode 4x4 is always possible. Given the good off-road character of the car, which often provokes adventures, when choosing used cars, you should first of all pay attention to the condition of the suspension and body. The car is well prepared in terms of safety. Front airbags for the driver and passenger, three-point seat belts (front with pretensioners), child restraints, anti-lock brakes ABS with electronic brake force distribution EBD and an auxiliary brake assist system Brake Assist - all this is standard. Accordingly, in more expensive trim levels, the level of training is even higher. The Nissan X-Trail of this generation is a worthy representative of the middle segment and price category, which is quite excusable for some flaws, such as “crickets” in the cabin and low noise insulation. Summing up, of the indisputable advantages of the model, high clearance, good cross-country ability, excellent suspension settings and maneuverability, a spacious interior, a pleasant look of a classic SUV can be noted. The base engine will please modest appetite and unpretentiousness. All this allows right-hand drive representatives of this model to still remain among the most popular "SUVs" on the market.