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Subaru BRZ ZC, 1 generation, restyling 08.2016 - 08.2020

1 generation, restyling
(ZC) 08.2016 - 08.2020
1 generation, restyling
Surely, the Toyota GT86 coupe, together with the Subaru BRZ twin, was expected not only by ring athletes and simply fans of "hot" cars, but also by old drifters who still remember the magic of the numbers "eight-six". After all, they knew that the GT86 / BRZ is nothing more than the revival of the legendary Toyota Corolla AE86.
Let the subarovskiy “opposed” under the hood move back and down as much as possible (weight distribution 53:47) - Toyota has not had a compact, lightweight and powerful rear wheel drive for so long. Moreover, both manual and automatic transmissions are from Toyota. Although the development and settings of the chassis (McPherson in front, multi-link in the back) were engaged in Subaru. And the coupe under both names will also be produced at one of the Pleiades factories.

Toyota's only 2.0-liter combined injection engine is only offered in naturally aspirated version. But in some trim levels, either standardly or for a surcharge, you can count on the Torsen self-locking cross-axle differential. Even a completely switchable stabilization system has five modes designed for different combat conditions. Especially for the competition, a lightweight homologation version is produced, reduced in price due to the lack of air conditioning, "music" and other civilian attributes. And the first delights of the new coupe were appreciated by American drifters, who were offered a clone of the GT86 / BRZ - Scion FR-S with a 600-horsepower Cosworth boxer engine.