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Subaru Domingo FA, 2 generation 06.1994 - 12.1998

2 generation
(FA) 06.1994 - 12.1998
E-FA7, E-FA8, FA7, FA8
2 generation
Subaru is famous for its rally victories and cars whose suspensions are excellent for Russian roads. Meanwhile, the company has one more "feat", now almost forgotten. In the mid-90s of the last century, the last generation of the Domingo bus appeared. If you do not go into details, you may decide that there is nothing special about this. It is curious here that Domingo was somewhat larger than the then counterparts from other manufacturers, literally by a few centimeters. But this made it possible to accommodate three rows of seats in the cabin, which could accommodate seven people. All the seats, of course, folded, and the front ones could also rotate. The total volume of the compartment, turned into a cargo compartment, reached 2500 liters. The carrying capacity with the driver and passenger was 600 kg. Along with unpretentious upholstery, versions with richer design were offered. There were modifications with a glass roof. Although the interior equipment did not go beyond the primitive power accessories and air conditioning. The engine, like all Kei-karams, had three cylinders, but was located transversely above the rear axle and drove the rear wheels. Its volume was more than usual - 1.2 liters. There was four-wheel drive, "mechanics" or variator. In 1996, Domingo underwent a restyling, slightly correcting its appearance.