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Subaru Pleo RV, RA, 1 generation, restyling 10.2000 - 09.2002

1 generation, restyling
(RV, RA) 10.2000 - 09.2002
1 generation, restyling
In October 2000, Fuji Heavy Industries made a number of improvements to the compact Subaru Pleo station wagon. Improved security features to meet more stringent requirements. The new front grill and bumper add a sporty look. Fog lights and light-alloy wheels of a specially developed design, new body colors are offered. The equipment of all configurations has been revised, improvements have been made to the interior, automatic air conditioning is installed in the RM and Nesta RG models. Changed engine and transmission settings have improved the economy of all Pleo versions.
A year later, in October 2001, Subaru Pleo again underwent some changes, including external, more sporty RS and LS models: new front and rear bumpers and a radiator grille, as well as a body kit, fog lights and cornering lamps, and RS got new 14-inch wheels. In the Pleo lineup, there are low-cost commercial versions such as the Van A Special with a minimum set of equipment and a rear bench seat with a one-piece folding back. The FII version was added - the height of this car was reduced by 25 mm by changing the shape of the roof and the structure of the suspension to use multilevel parking. Based on the FII, the low-cost F Special has been developed with standard power windows, remote central locking, rear wiper, power mirrors and wheel covers. In high-end trim levels, Pleo is equipped with a seat lift, climate control, electrically folding mirrors, delayed-off lighting and an anti-reflective interior mirror. The car still offers various modifications of the 4-cylinder engine. These are three versions of the SOHC unit (naturally aspirated 46 hp and turbo 60 hp), as well as a DOHC16 turbo engine with 64 hp. Depending on the modification, the restyled Subaru Pleo can be available both with a manual 5-speed gearbox and with a variator (i-CVT), which in sports versions makes it possible to imitate a 7-speed "mechanics". For RS models, a specially tuned mechanical "five-stage" is now also offered as an alternative to the variator. On one liter of petrol Subaru Pleo in test mode "10/15" drives 16.8-22 kilometers, which corresponds to a consumption of 4.54-5.95 l / 100 km. If we talk about reliability, the engines of the EN series were introduced back in 1988, were installed on various compact Subaru models and showed themselves as unpretentious units capable of nursing 200 thousand kilometers. km and more.

What sets the Subaru Pleo apart from many of its classmates is its fully independent suspension, which guarantees improved handling in this compact car. The road behavior of the RS sports model has been improved by a special steering adjustment, increased suspension stiffness (different front stabilizer, 165 / 55R14 tires). The braking system includes ventilated front discs and rear drum brakes (all disc brakes on the RS). Power steering is also standard equipment. It is impossible to imagine a Subaru car without all-wheel drive - 4WD Fulltime system was available for all Pleo modifications. Cross-country ability is facilitated by a short wheelbase of 2310 mm (since October 2001 it has increased by 5 mm - up to 2315 mm - due to new brackets of trailing arms) and a ground clearance of 150 mm sufficient for a kei-car (if necessary, craftsmen raise their cars on their own) ... The dimensions of the Subaru Pleo interior are not impressive: 1685 x 1220 x 1255 mm (L x W x H). As well as the size of the trunk. But with the rear seats folded down, you can also transport long items - for example, in type A vans (Van), the length of the trunk, if the bench is folded, increases from 630 to 1120 mm.

Due to changes in the body structure, Subaru Pleo since October 2001 meets the standards of the European crash test for a head-on collision against an offset barrier at a speed of 64 km / h. The damping characteristics of the body have been improved, the bumper and energy-absorbing crumple zone in the front have been improved, and the elements around the driver's seat have been strengthened. All models older than A and F trim levels are equipped with two airbags (A and F have only a driver's airbag), ISOFIX mounts for child seats, and an anti-lock braking system is the manufacturer's option. Being a compact car with a 5-door kei-car class, Subaru Pleo will offer a rather high comfort and excellent layout of the cabin compared to some competitors, a functional and well-thought-out control panel, and a completely "adult" chassis design. At the same time, this car has strict size restrictions, it is maneuverable, very "nimble" with a powerful turbo engine. Disadvantages: a rarity on the market, difficulties with spare parts, cramped engine compartment, stiff suspension.