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Subaru R1 RJ, 1 generation 01.2005 - 03.2010

1 generation
(RJ) 01.2005 - 03.2010
1 generation
Hatchback, 3dr
In 2003, the Subaru R1e concept car was exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show, and after 2 years it was already on sale in almost the same form. The base model was the 4-door R2, which had its wheelbase shortened by 165 mm and had two doors removed. The result is a car, the number of seats in which is determined by the formula "2 + 2". That is, the two front seats are basic, but what is behind - do not blame me! In fact, if you classify a new car by body length, it turns out that it differs from a typical small car by only 10 centimeters. And this is with its traction characteristics! Of course, these are still not the same 2-seater "strollers" that Suzuki has exploded (Twin or Smart model), behind, there are still two more "chairs", but all the same, in order to have more or less loose, the rear seats must be reclined. But on the other hand, you just have to tilt the front passenger seat backrest forward, and you can load some oblong object into the cabin. That is, this car no longer fits the definition of "city commuter" (city stroller), its scope is no longer limited only to moving one person from point A to point B, but turns out to be somewhat wider. The interior doors are larger, the door hinges are positioned in such a way that it is easy to get into or out of the passenger compartment through the open door, even when the car stops in a narrow place. However, the following feature is striking: reproducing the R2 model silhouette, the R1 car, nevertheless, stands on 15-inch wheels unusual for such a kid. This undoubtedly adds personality to the car. Likewise, the interior of the car creates a special atmosphere. The interior color scheme is reduced to a combination of red and black tones, it looks very specific. The car is only equipped with a 4-cylinder Twin Cam engine. It comes with a fully automatic transmission that allows you to drive at a decent speed without wasting fuel. Also a modification with four-wheel drive ("viscous 4WD" system).
(December 2004).