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Subaru R2 RC, 1 generation, 2 restyling 11.2005 - 03.2010

1 generation, 2 restyling
(RC) 11.2005 - 03.2010
1 generation, 2 restyling
Once again, Subaru decided to refresh the appearance of the R2 car in November 2005 by changing the design of the false radiator grille, front bumper, rear combined lights. In addition to the facelift, Subaru engineers have equipped the cars with new i-CVT transmissions with an optimized speed change system. Due to the improved technical characteristics, it was possible to achieve not only additional fuel savings, but also to reduce the level of harmful emissions. An interesting decision was the emergence of a special version, primarily designed for women, called Refi. The range of units has not changed both in their number (three in total) and in power - 46, 54 and 64 hp.
Speaking in more detail about the special "female" version of the Subaru R2, it should be noted that the car has been modified in order to "promote beauty and health." For example, according to the automaker, an air conditioner is installed in the Refi configuration, which saturates the air with vitamin C, which is very beneficial for the skin, and the surface of the seat upholstery contains special amino acids and sericin fibers (silk glue), which is used in cosmetology and helps to moisturize the skin; car windshield effectively reflects ultraviolet and infrared rays. In 2006, Subaru introduced the Refi Limited version. The color scheme of the car is designed in gray-blue tones. The seats in the cabin are covered with soft blue material, natural wood inserts create a feeling of warmth and comfort, additional storage compartments for useful little things add R2 functionality. The scent cluster and diffuser help maintain a pleasant scent in the interior. In total, only 500 Subaru R2 cars were produced in this configuration. Also noteworthy is the special edition Refi Bitter selection - there is high-quality car audio and automatic air conditioning. The Subaru R2 is powered by a 4-cylinder EN07 engine (658 cc) in various modifications. Inexpensive variations of the mini-car have an 8-valve naturally aspirated version of SOHC with one camshaft and 46 horsepower. More powerful ones are equipped with a 16-valve DOHC-aspirated with a continuously variable gas distribution valve mechanism (AVCS) - its return reaches 54 "forces". There is also a 16-valve DOHC turbocharged with an intercooler - according to the specification, it develops 64 hp. Transmission options include a manual gearbox or CVT, which in combination with a turbo engine features a 7-speed manual mode. All-wheel drive versions are available. After the car received the new i-CVTs, fuel consumption in mixed mode was reduced to only 4 liters per 100 km for the front-wheel drive models. At the same time, supercharged modifications switched from high-octane gasoline to regular gasoline.

The car's chassis is based on independent front and rear suspensions. Turbo trims are considered sportier and have an appropriately tuned suspension. The dimensions of the car clearly fit into the class standard: the length is 3395 mm, the width is 1475 mm, and the height is 1520 mm (the turbo model has 1525 mm). The ground clearance is 155-160 mm. Despite the fact that the car does not at all look like a minivan, 4 adults can easily accommodate in the cabin, and in numbers, the length of the cabin does not look so bad - 1690 mm. The car, of course, cannot boast of spaciousness in width - only 1220 mm. And the height is 1180 mm. The trunk is not impressive in size, besides, part of it is eaten by the wheel arches, at least a little, but invading the interior. But if you fold the rear seats (50:50), you get a fairly roomy, almost cubic compartment. As a miniature car, the Subaru R2 nevertheless meets the necessary safety requirements. It is equipped as standard with two front airbags, three-point belts. All but the most inexpensive cars were equipped with anti-lock braking systems combined with electronic brake force distribution and auxiliary braking systems, and options included side airbags. The body shell provides increased safety. It is noted that the special design of the front of the hatchback withstands a frontal impact with an offset, equivalent to a collision with an ordinary car at a relative speed of 100 km / h. Since 2008, the driver's seat belt warning has become a mandatory equipment. A very generous trim offer should be noted, and repeated improvements accompanied the vehicle until production was completed in March 2010. Weighing only 770-880 kg, the Subaru R2 has a rather lively character, although, of course, a turbo unit is more preferable for traveling on the highway. The car is offered with a wide range of transmission combinations. Its design will impress you. Profitability - even more so. The disadvantages are difficulties with maintenance and finding some spare parts. Many owners note that the car is quite sensitive to the quality of the road surface.