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Subaru Stella RN, 1 generation 06.2006 - 04.2011

1 generation
(RN) 06.2006 - 04.2011
1 generation
Subaru Stella is a tall wagon with a spacious interior and increased ease of use. Nice little things in the cabin: the lever for adjusting the position of the front passenger seat is to the right of it, and the back of this seat has a handrail that makes it easier to get on and off the rear passengers. The feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by large windows. The rear seats can be moved close to the front ones, which is very important for those who carry a child behind in a child seat. And if you fold down the rear and front passenger seats, you can easily transport bulky luggage. The model is equipped with a four-cylinder engine (in the top-end configuration - with a turbocharger) in combination with a variator.
In November 2007, the shape of the front seats was changed, thereby increasing the legroom of the rear passengers, and the standard equipment of the model was replenished with a drawer under the front passenger seat and an anti-theft system. The naturally aspirated engine has been improved, resulting in lower gas mileage. The standard L version is now available with a manual transmission, and the Basic Grade G version has been added to the Custom line.

November 2008 is marked by the release of a new modification of the model with a turbocharged engine - "LS". In addition, the line was supplemented by the modifications "Custom R Limited" and "Revesta S". All models now have individual seat belts for the rear passengers. Some models received optional leather seats and a roof spoiler.

In November 2009, the interior and exterior elements were redesigned. The "Stella Custom" line has received an updated front body. All Stella machines are now fitted with lightweight aluminum wheels. A convenient storage box is built into the panel above the appliances. Added two new body colors - now there are thirteen of them.