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Suzuki Alto 5 generation, restyling 12.2000 - 08.2004

5 generation, restyling
12.2000 - 08.2004
5 generation, restyling
Hatchback, 3dr
In October 1998, due to a change in the standards for small cars, Suzuki Alto experienced a complete model change, the result of which was the appearance of the fifth generation. The dimensions of the model have slightly increased. The impression of a wedge-shaped body shape is enhanced, large slots of the air intake in combination with a narrow radiator grill and rounded headlights give the car a more expressive look, which is the case with its predecessor. For the convenience of boarding and disembarking passengers, the seat level was slightly raised. In addition to the main modifications, the limited edition Alto C and Alto C2, produced in retro design and featuring exclusive elements of external and internal decoration, were produced.
 In the new generation, Alto again returned to the rich variety of trim levels and the incredible cheapness of the basic version in a three-door body - the simplest version of the Va, as well as a two-seater version of the van, were offered at a price of 498 thousand. yen. True, there was practically nothing of the equipment in the car, even a driver's airbag was provided only as an option. The cost of the most expensive of the modifications of the L'Epo category could reach one million yen and higher, as, for example, for the L'Epo P2 version, which offered automatic air conditioning, power steering, full power accessories, a rear wiper, a remote control, a radio and t e. In 1999, on the basis of top-end equipment, a turbo version was offered to customers. True, after 2000 restyling, the turbo engine was canceled, and with it the most low-power base engine. The updated model received the HA23 index.

 In total, the Alto of this generation was equipped with five engine options, starting with the simplest 6-valve SOHC with 42 hp. Of the more common - three-cylinder 12-valve SOHC (46 liters. sec.) and the 12-valve VVT ​​engine (55 h.p.). There was an option for a lean-running engine — it allowed the car to drive up to 29 km on one liter of fuel. In contrast, turbo versions with 60 and 64 hp provided the highest possible dynamics. As for the choice of transmission, here Alto offers all kinds of combinations: 4- and 5-speed “mechanics”, 3-speed “automatic” and CVT. Models that use a 12-valve engine (including turbo) are equipped with all-wheel drive (4WD) - on the "machine" or with "mechanics".

 The chassis of the Suzuki Alto has not fundamentally changed. It's still a combination of a MacPherson strut front suspension and a rear torsion beam. As a result of changes in the platform compared to the previous generation, there was an increase in the external dimensions and weight (by 10 kg) of the machine, however, the minimum turning radius was even slightly reduced - to 4.2 m. Thus, the appearance of a new generation of the model did not deprive Alto of the status of a small car.

 Of the security systems, Suzuki Alto equipment includes stiffeners in the doors, three-point seat belts with a force limiter, child seat fasteners, an unfastened seat belt warning lamp, and an additional brake light. A fairly wide list of options made it possible to equip the car with modern safety features - driver and passenger airbags, ABS, EBD, BAS systems were offered. Since 2002, front airbags have become standard equipment for all modifications, with the exception of the simplest (VS).

 Over the years, the Suzuki Alto has become a true bestseller and one of the best models in the compact class. Cars of this generation were produced not only in Japan, but also in Pakistan and India, and Indian Maruti Alto exist in two generations. If we talk directly about cars for the domestic market, then there Alto was produced in an alternative version - like the Mazda Carol. The car was also offered in Europe - models in the back of the HA23 2002-2006. Therefore, among the used cars of this generation, you can often find the Suzuki Alto with the left wheel.
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