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Suzuki Carry Truck 11 generation, restyling 05.2002 - 08.2013

11 generation, restyling
05.2002 - 08.2013
11 generation, restyling
The compact truck, the concept of which can be compared with a professional work tool, has gained immense popularity since its release in 1961 as a “workhorse” for owners of private stores and small factory. Over the 37 years of the model’s existence, a total of 4.6 million members of the family were sold, which, in addition to Carry, include Every vans and minivans created on its basis. In January 1999, the next, tenth, Carry Truck model (DA52T / DB52T) was developed, which meets the new Japanese safety standards. We are talking about using a new body layout, reducing the weight of the car, increasing safety in a collision. In addition, Carry has become even more economical, durable and easy to use.
 Carry Truck can be with a standard and high roof, and the last option is the most common, since it was in this version that the largest options for the equipment were provided. The basic version was offered at a price of 600 thousand yen and was equipped only with "mechanics". In addition to the standard equipment, a power steering, air conditioning, power windows, etc. could be added. In 2000, a new KU modification appeared, which received a radio in the salon and an even more attractive price, starting from 555 thousand yen (2WD, 5MT). The first major modernization affected the car in September 2001 - it received the DA62T body index and a number of changes, in particular, anti-corrosion treatment improved, a new design panel appeared, the minimum turning radius was reduced, etc. In 2002, the exterior of the truck was changed — a cab with a more “chopped-off” shape, new headlights, a radiator grill, a front bumper, and the body index changed to DA63T. In 2005, a special short version (DA65T) appeared. A number of configurations has repeatedly changed, respectively, and the composition of the equipment, with each innovation increasing the level of comfort, especially in the most expensive versions. In 2011, a jubilee version was released (50 years since the Suzulight Carry was launched) based on top-end equipment. The initial generation Carry Truck is equipped with an in-line 3-cylinder 12-valve SOHC (F6A) naturally aspirated engine or turbocharged engine. Modifications with an atmospheric engine (50 hp) were produced with 5-speed manual transmission, a 2WD or 4WD drive with a demultiplier (lowered row) to improve patency when driving on bad roads. Modifications with a turbo engine (56 hp) could also be produced in combination with a 3-speed automatic transmission, including 4WD, but without a lowered row. Since 2001, Carry (DA62T) has received an all-aluminum DOHC type K6A motor.

 Compared to its predecessor, the chassis retains the traditional Carry Truck design with an independent front suspension (MacPherson type) and a dependent (rigid axle) rear on semi-elliptical springs. Front brakes - disc, rear drum. Initially, the minimum turning radius was 4.1 m, but with the introduction of the DA62T series, it was possible to reduce it to 3.8 m by reducing the width of the rim of the regular wheels. DA63T series cars have become even more practical by increasing the length of the cargo compartment and lower landing. Free space was added above the dashboard, between the door pillars. In addition, the position of the seats and the angle of the steering wheel was improved, which undoubtedly provided less driver fatigue.

 To meet more stringent safety standards, Carry in this generation changed the cabless cab layout to a half-cab - thus improving the protection of the driver and passenger in a collision. As an option, the driver's seat on all models is equipped with an inflatable pillow, and in 2000 an optional kit was included, which includes an airbag for the front passenger seat, ABS and seat belts with pretensioners. In 2012, the shape of the seats was improved.

 Even with a relatively small carrying capacity (350 kg), Carry Truck can be interesting as a “small” assistant with great capabilities and useful to entrepreneurs and owners of personal households - due to the high efficiency in everyday use and the motor power quite acceptable for its class, especially in turbo versions. A variety of configurations and transmission options provides good opportunities for choice. In addition to airborne, Carry dump trucks were also produced.