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Suzuki MR Wagon 1 generation 11.2001 - 12.2005

1 generation
11.2001 - 12.2005
1 generation
This 5-door minivan was launched in late 2001. A distinctive feature of the car is its appearance. Indeed, the exterior design deserves special attention. MR Wagon is made in a style not quite traditional for Suzuki: there are no straight lines and box-shaped forms that are so characteristic of this manufacturer. The originality of the car is given by a one-volume body, rapid lines, a large glazing area. The height of the MR Wagon is 1590 mm. It has a beautiful roomy interior, which comfortably accommodates four adults. In addition, the movable rear seats contribute to a change in the interior of the vehicle. Light colors in interior design further expand the interior. Thus, the interior of the MR Wagon does not at all lose to the interior of the Wagon R.
  The MR Wagon is equipped with a DOHC-VVT in-line 3-cylinder engine and a “Mild Charge” in-line 3-cylinder engine. It can have front-wheel or all-wheel drive. It is equipped with only a 4-speed automatic gearbox.