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Golden Week Holiday (Japan)
Dear customers, Amayama's Japan warehouse will not be accepting and shipping orders on 29th April and from the 3rd to 7th May due to the Golden Week holiday.
During the holidays period shipping of orders from Japan will happen on April, 30 - May, 2 and will fully resume on the 7th of May.

Suzuki MR Wagon 2 generation, restyling 06.2009 - 12.2010

2 generation, restyling
06.2009 - 12.2010
2 generation, restyling
Unlike its predecessor, in the design of which the developers embodied the so-called “One motion form” concept, the appearance of the second generation MR Wagon is designed in the “2BOX” style (two-volume) with massive windshield pillars. As a result of external changes, less direct sunlight penetrates into the car, and the windshield does not “press” on those inside. The interior, in the design of which there are streamlined forms, is characterized by a high degree of practicality: in the middle of the center console there are buttons for controlling the air conditioning and the audio system, the automatic gear lever is located under the dashboard. In addition, under the passenger seat is a convenient tray for storing things, also the cabin is equipped with drawers and a large glove compartment. It is completed with two types of engines: atmospheric and turbo. (April 2006)
 Improved fuel consumption in front-wheel drive models equipped with an atmospheric engine. A 15% level of reduction in fuel consumption according to 2010 standards was achieved, in addition, these models comply with environmental standards and are subject to preferential taxation. Along with a slight change in body design, a function for automatically turning on the headlights appeared in the car, the driver's seat is now equipped with a height adjustment mechanism. (June 2009)