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Suzuki Wagon R 3 generation, restyling 09.2005 - 08.2008

3 generation, restyling
09.2005 - 08.2008
3 generation, restyling
In the period 2004-2005, Suzuki Wagon R for the second year in a row was the leader in the ranking of Japanese sales in the class of small cars, attracting with its price, functionality, efficiency and equipment. Nevertheless, the company considered it necessary to further improve the model by releasing an updated version in September 2005. The car has a redesigned front grille, rims, rear combined lights. A mechanism for manual headlight leveling has appeared. Under the hood are the same K6A series engines with 54, 60 and 64 hp, but improved fuel efficiency and environmental performance.
 The interior of the Suzuki Wagon R has changed in accordance with ordinary decisions for restyling - the dashboard has been modified, the decoration of seats, doors, etc. has been improved. A special gesture of the company in order to attract customers was the release in February 2007 of a unique version of the Wagon R Stingray. This model has a more “cool” appearance and an interior endowed with original details: the front part of the body is in a bold design, with gas-discharge headlights and a double grille, a higher mounted hood, stylish 14-inch wheels, taillights with transparent lenses; in the cabin - black trim, sporty seats, black and chrome trim “tidy” scales and air conditioning control panels. The Limited and Stingray Limited versions made additional improvements to the lineup - they are distinguished by improved options like a special design front grille, fog lights, side mirrors with corner indicators, a folding chip key, seat covers made of Alcantara, a sports instrument cluster, etc.

 The base unit of the Suzuki Wagon R 2005-2008 - the three-cylinder DOHC 12V - in the atmospheric version it is equipped with a variable valve timing system and produces a maximum power of 54 liters. with. Turbocharged models were offered in two versions: a more economical version of the M turbo with a capacity of 60 hp. and S turbo with a maximum output of 64 hp The engines were aggregated with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission, with the “mechanics” being offered only for the simplest modifications with the base engine. In 2006, front-wheel drive versions with a CVT were introduced by Jatco. If we talk about efficiency, fuel consumption has slightly decreased and the Suzuki Wagon R is able to drive 18.2-23.5 kilometers on one liter of gasoline, which is equivalent to 4.25-5.5 l / 100 km.

 Recall that with the transition to a new platform, the third-generation Wagon R has increased the rigidity of the engine to the transmission. This allowed us to reduce vibrations, to make the model quieter, which is very important when using a three-cylinder engine. In general, the type of chassis design remains unchanged: MacPherson strut front, dependent rear suspension. The Suzuki Wagon R has disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, electric power steering. The car was equipped with 13- or 14-inch wheels. The dimensions of its body: length 3395 mm, width 1475 mm, height 1635-1655 mm. The wheelbase has not changed - 2360 mm. The minimum turning radius is 4.1-4.4 meters. If we talk about the size of the cabin, then its length reached a value of 1870 mm, and this is the largest indicator since the model appeared on the market. In width and height, the interior can be considered almost square - 1295 x 1305 mm. Folding rear seats will increase the amount of luggage. If you fold the left rear seat and the front passenger seat, you can carry long things.

 Standard Suzuki Wagon R 2005-2008 safety systems include two front airbags for the driver and passenger, front belts with pre-tensioners and force limiters, and door stiffeners. The active anti-lock braking system is responsible for the active movement control. All models are now equipped with an adjustment of the axis of the luminous flux of the electric headlights and the manual alignment function. Some versions were equipped with xenon headlights that better illuminate the road and also contribute to increased safety.

 Suzuki Wagon R is one of the best-selling subcompact cars in Japan. By March 2006, 2.5 million cars had already been sold on the domestic market. Many noted that the third generation Suzuki Wagon R has become more attractive due to an overall increase in quality and a departure from utilitarianism, even in the simplest versions. Plus, a new interior layout, more comfortable rear seats. The Wagon R has a small turning radius, it is easy to drive and easy to operate. The disadvantages of the owners are usually called a weak base motor, stiffer suspension, poor corrosion protection.