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Toyota Aristo S140, 1 generation 10.1991 - 07.1994

1 generation
(S140) 10.1991 - 07.1994
E-JZS147, E-JZS147E, E-UZS143
1 generation
Toyota Aristo is a luxury sedan based on the first generation of Toyota Crown Majesta. The appearance of Aristo was created with the participation of Italian designers. The concept of the model was as follows: a luxury sedan with a sports bias. Aristo saw the light simultaneously with the 9th generation of Toyota Crown - in 1991. The Aristo design used a supporting body in combination with a double independent wishbone suspension (double wishbone). This model is equipped with a 3-liter inline engine with 280 hp. turbocharged, 6DOHC timing system and a similar naturally aspirated engine with 230 hp
 In addition, the ability to develop a hurricane speed corresponding to the streamlined appearance of Aristo, made this model a real king of highways. In 1992, a four-wheel drive modification entered the market, equipped with an 8-cylinder i-Four V-engine (the same is equipped with Toyota Crown Majesta). From that moment, Aristo gained the image of an upscale gran turismo sedan.

 In 1996, the model was restyled. They installed the same bumper on it as on American export models. The interior color scheme remains from the previous Italian design. Production of the first generation Aristo lasted from 1991 to 1997 and was accompanied by constant demand for this car.