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Toyota Aristo S160, 2 generation, restyling 07.2000 - 11.2004

2 generation, restyling
(S160) 07.2000 - 11.2004
GH-JZS161, TA-JZS160
2 generation, restyling
Making changes to the first generation Toyota Aristo, which demonstrated the wonders of exceptional longevity in the automotive market, was no easy task. The second generation Aristo, which entered the market in 1997, was designed by Toyota specialists, so it’s worth explaining in some way the innovations in this car. The silhouette of the car in general terms remained the same; passenger compartment space has expanded. Following the requirements of the times, the developers increased the space in the rear of the cabin, and the visibility from the driver's seat was also improved.
 The new Toyota Aristo is equipped with two types of engines that are similar to those installed on the first generation: a 3-liter inline 6-cylinder turbo engine with 280 hp. and an engine without a turbocharger rated at 230 hp The throttle control system (ETCS-i) and the electronic variable valve timing system (VVT-i) installed on this model are high-tech innovations of the new century. The turbocharged Toyota Aristo uses a 4-speed automatic transmission with shift buttons on the steering wheel. Additional features of this car include VCS and ARS.