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Toyota Caldina T210, 2 generation, restyling 01.2000 - 08.2002

2 generation, restyling
(T210) 01.2000 - 08.2002
GF-AT211G, GF-ST210G, GF-ST215G, GF-ST215W, KH-CT216G
2 generation, restyling
Toyota Caldina is a classic representative of mid-size station wagons. The car has a spacious interior, characterized by high comfort and offering enough space for rear passengers. If we talk about this model, trying it on the role of a family or sports car, then the Caldina in the 210th body definitely became better than the previous generation in almost all respects. It can be noted a very successful, pleasant appearance of this generation, in which, despite the "roundness" sports features are clearly visible, especially pronounced in the tuning options. Car production began in 1997. As before, the “race” for the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon was continued with an eye on luxurious, richly equipped versions, and for purely practical purposes the utilitarian first-generation utility wagon in the 190th body continued to be produced. The second generation of Toyota Caldina has further strengthened Toyota's position in the market of comfortable station wagons. The car was successful in the previous generation, but basic modifications became even more affordable - for example, the new Caldina 210 in the E configuration was offered at almost 90 thousand yen cheaper than the most inexpensive version in the 190th body produced at the end of the previous generation. If we talk about "older" trim levels, then of course the G versions, offering a higher level of equipment, deserve more interest. Even more interesting are the more powerful GT modifications, not to mention the extreme Caldina GT-T with a turbo engine. These cars, of course, relied on an aggressive body kit, so that the appearance of the station wagon fully corresponded to its nature. After restyling in 2000, the model received new bumpers, front and rear optics, and turbocharged cars - an additional air intake on the hood. The second-generation Caldina engine range is represented by five divider. Of the main ones - a 2-liter in-line (4DOHC) 3S-FE with a capacity of 135-150 hp, a 1.8-liter Lean Burn (4DOHC) 7A-FE with a capacity of 115 hp, a 2-liter turbodiesel 3C-TE, which is considered “Clean” engine (ie safe for the environment) - its power is equal to 94 “horses”. In addition, the GT modifications were equipped with a 3S-GE engine (190 hp) with a variable valve timing system. Well, the turbocharged 3S-GTE engine with a power of 260 hp, intended for Caldina GT-T completes the list.

 The car, like the previous generation, has a completely independent suspension on suspension struts. The wheelbase of the car remained the same - 2580 mm. The minimum turning radius has not changed, respectively, and it is 5.3 m. A wide variety of choices of transmission and drive are also offered: “automatic” and “mechanics”, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. True, in the latter case, the main modifications were equipped with automatically connected all-wheel drive type V-Flex. FullTime 4WD permanent all-wheel drive was offered only for the GT-T.

 Increased requirements for driver and passenger protection obliged the manufacturer to include both frontal airbags in the standard equipment list, and as an option - side airbags. The car nominally has an ABS system, three-point belts for all seats, seat belts with force limiters and pretensioners. All-wheel drive modifications, optionally equipped with a Torsen rear differential and the VSC system (Vehicle Stability Control, vehicle stability control system), are characterized by safer road behavior and better handling.

 High consumer characteristics allowed Toyota Caldina to become one of the most popular cars in our market. Specifically, this generation demonstrates the widest variety on offer and a significant range of prices depending on the year of manufacture and technical condition. Of the total, versions with a 2-liter engine are preferred - after all, the second generation, at least a little, has gained weight, and the margin of power will never hurt.