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Toyota Caldina T240, 3 generation, restyling 01.2005 - 05.2007

3 generation, restyling
(T240) 01.2005 - 05.2007
3 generation, restyling
For the next generation of Toyota Caldina, a new platform was used, which is typical for cars such as Allion and Premio. Still on the market for middle-class sports station wagons, Toyota acts as a worthy competitor to the long-standing rival Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon. But if in previous generations there was a certain incompleteness of forms for Toyota Caldina, then it was planned to end this with the development of this generation of the model (the third in a row). Significantly changed design of the car assumed a fresh exciting appearance. Under this slogan, Caldina chose the aggression style of an artillery shell or a flying bullet, embodying it, in particular, in a special form of the body, and above all, the rear. According to the reincarnation, the car has acquired a more luxurious interior, especially with regard to expensive versions.
 The policy of creating the Caldina modification series, which includes cars with 1.8 and 2 liter engines, remained unchanged. GT-FOUR modifications, on which a 260-horsepower 2-liter turbo engine is installed, are the top level. The cost of these versions, the name of which is borrowed from the legendary racing model of the 80s Celica GT-FOUR, almost doubles the price of the base Caldina, but still it is one of the most affordable sports station wagons. This series has its own division into subversions. For example, in the “GT-FOUR N edition” package, the letter N means an abbreviation for the name of the Nurburgring racetrack and, accordingly, a special filling that includes a suspension with settings that are even more advanced in sports terms, sports seats, steering wheel, special tires, well, Of course, the original body kit, xenon headlights, electric sunroof, climate control, CD player, CD changer and other attributes of a luxury car. The engine range is reduced to three engines. All these are gasoline 4-cylinder in-line engines. Basic - 1ZZ-FE, the representative of the mass series of 1.8 liters and 132 hp. Two-liter 1AZ-FSE with the D4 system - its power is 152-155 hp more suitable for 1.5 ton car. As well as a turbo 3S-GTE (DOHC 16-valve), which develops power of 260 hp at 6200 rpm and 239 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. In Japan, where a car with automatic transmission has long been the norm, not only this engine, but in general this generation of Caldina was equipped with only an automatic 4-speed gearbox. At the GT-Four, it has a manual sequential gear shift function and modified gear ratios to cope with engine torque.

 The rear suspension has undergone a major change - now it is double wishbone. The design of the front - McPherson - remained the same. In combination with the 1.8 engine, Caldina has a front axle drive only. But with two-liter engines, there is already the possibility of choosing an all-wheel drive modification, and in the GT-Four configuration this is the only option, which actually follows from the name itself. All four wheels of the car are driven by a symmetrical center differential with a viscous lock - in fact, this ensures permanent four-wheel drive (Full Time 4WD), which is not the case with the "younger" two-liter version - the rear wheels are connected there with a viscous coupling (V-Flex 4WD). And while the Caldina GT-Four is also equipped with the Torsen rear limited slip differential, the drive and traction are even more athletic, to say the least.

 The safety of Toyota Caldina passengers is ensured by frontal and side airbags, an ABS system with an integrated brake force distribution system EBD, as well as an auxiliary braking system Brake Assist. Among other things, the car can be equipped with a stabilization system. If we talk about the level of protection in general, it is very high, as evidenced by the results of crash tests of NASVA (Japan): in particular, driver protection - six out of six stars, front passenger - five out of six.

 The third generation Toyota Caldina has made a significant breakthrough in terms of comfort and sportiness. Unfortunately, the more complex filling of the units no longer implies the halo of legendary reliability and reliability that has been waged behind this family before. And yet, Caldina is still one of the best Japanese station wagons ever presented in our market. In addition, it is presented very widely, with a maximum selection of trim levels, mileage and technical condition.