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Toyota Camry Prominent V30, 3 generation 07.1990 - 06.1994

3 generation
(V30) 07.1990 - 06.1994
E-VZV30, E-VZV31, E-VZV32, E-VZV33
3 generation
In 1990, Toyota launched the third-generation Camry / Vista, which again introduced the luxury Camry Prominent. Externally, the car is very similar to the Vista model in a similar hardtop (with no frames), except for some of the details, due to which the Camry Prominent has an individuality and looks a little more solid: larger bumpers, a modified form of the hood, a different design of lighting and wheels and t In the new generation, Prominent continued to be equipped with a 2.0-liter V6 1VZ-FE engine (140 hp) for some time, but the main role was transferred to the new 2.5-liter V6 4VZ-FE engine, which had maximum power of 175 "horses" - after restyling in 1992, he became the only unit for this model.
 Confirming its name, the new Camry Prominent sedan (translated as “outstanding”) offers quite rich equipment already in the basic configuration. These are alloy wheels, foglights, full power accessories, an adjustable steering column for tilt and reach, central locking with remote control, climate control. The standard instrument cluster with the usual speedometer and tachometer scales is divided by an indication of the automatic transmission modes, and in more expensive trim levels an electronic panel was offered. Also, in expensive trim levels, you could get a rear spoiler and a rear wiper, a music center with a CD / MD player, cruise control, an electric drive for the driver or both front seats, an air ionizer, an active TEMS suspension and other equipment.  140 hp 2.0-liter 1VZ-FE engine It was installed in the Toyota Camry Prominent V30 for a rather short time - until 1992. The advantages of this V6 engine, which became the ancestor of the VZ family, were compact sizes and an increased torque value at low speeds compared to inline fours of the same volume and power. But the 4VZ-FE engine was preferable - both in terms of dynamics and resource - due to its larger volume (2.5 l) and increased power reserve (175 l. with.). In general, engines are considered good, but both equally put forward increased requirements for service, quality of fuel and oil. In case of problems with cooling (and it is carried out here with the help of a hydraulic fan with a clutch used to drive fluid from the hydraulic booster), increased oil consumption and accelerated wear will not be long in coming.

 Toyota Camry Prominent Independent Suspension (V30) has a high level of comfort. Front and back are MacPherson struts. This design made it possible to use the 4WS system (for individual trim levels) with rear steering wheels when turning the front wheels, thus increasing maneuverability: at high speeds when changing lanes from one row to another and in turns, at low speeds when parking. The car is equipped with a brake system with ventilated discs on the front wheels, rear disc brakes. Steering - type "gear rack" with power steering. The dimensions of the body of the Camry Prominent sedan (V30): 4670 x 1695 x 1390 mm (L x W x H). The wheelbase is 2600 mm, and the minimum turning radius is 5.5 m. The luggage compartment is quite roomy, and in more expensive trim levels it can be increased by folding the seatbacks (60:40).

 The safety of Toyota Camry in the third generation (V30) has improved compared to the previous one. For the lives of the driver and passengers, three-point seat belts, side beams in the doors, child seat fastenings, tilt-adjustable front seat head restraints (optional), optional driver airbag and anti-lock brakes are responsible for the lives of the driver and passengers. Active electronically-controlled suspension TEMS (Toyota Electronically Modulated Suspension) serves to increase stability, controllability of the car, as well as driving safety.  Toyota Camry Prominent 1990-1994 - the best representative of the Camry / Vista line in the third generation. Its advantages are excellent equipment, a high level of comfort. The disadvantages are mainly associated only with the age of the cars themselves. It is believed that VZ engines are a controversial option. But we repeat: the root of the problems is usually hidden in insufficiently attentive maintenance and especially with regard to high-quality cooling of the motor.