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Toyota Camry XV10, 4 generation 09.1991 - 06.1996

4 generation
(XV10) 09.1991 - 06.1996
E-SV40, E-SV41, E-SV42, E-SV43, KD-CV40, KD-CV43, MCV10, SXV10, VCV10
4 generation
For several years, from 1991 to 1998, Toyota Camry existed in two guises. For foreign markets, and especially North American, Toyota Camry was produced in these years in wide bodies (XV10, XV20), which had not only other sizes, but also different fillings. At the same time, exclusively for the domestic market, the model was produced in the so-called “narrow-body” bodies of the V30 and V40 series, which, in essence, represented the further evolutionary development of Camry of the first generations. Such a mix of generations was due, in particular, to the fact that Toyota sought to meet the requirements of the domestic market, where tax rules dictated a certain standard for car dimensions. Affected by the collapse of the "bubble economy".
 In the production of the fourth-generation Toyota Camry (V40), the company was forced to cut costs. The line of trim levels no longer offered such a separation between simple and chic versions, as was typical for cars of the V30 series. Despite the increase in the size of the sedan, its external and internal equipment has become more practical. There is no such luxury that was inherent in before. At the same time, there were no overly simple versions, which nevertheless underlines the higher status of the car. In the new generation, the Toyota Camry has become even more convenient. The deep trunk has a decent volume, and the folding rear seats allow you to carry oversized items, such as skis or long boxes, partially placing them in the cabin. After restyling in 1996, the model received “crystal” optics, some changes also affected the internal contents. Even in not the most expensive trim levels, you can find a steering wheel with a leather braid, a wood trim, and a remote control key.

 The core of the Toyota Camry V40 engine range is S Series gasoline engines, proven to be reliable and unpretentious. This is a 1.8-liter 125-horsepower 4S-FE as the base powertrain. 140 hp 2-liter 3S-FE became the most popular in the series. More trim options have appeared with the 3C-T turbodiesel rated at 90 hp. - This motor went on cars with a mechanical and automatic transmission, including on all-wheel drive Camry. Such a combination - diesel and 4WD - on a passenger car was quite interesting, however, the clearance of these cars is slightly less than that of gasoline ones. The suspension remained unchanged. Independent, spring, MacPherson type front and rear. Models in the 42nd body were equipped with a 4WS (4 Wheel Steering) system, which provides maneuvering the car with all four wheels. This improves handling, but at the same time complicates the maintenance and repair of the suspension. However, despite the dimensions, there are no special parking problems on cars with conventional suspension. Four-wheel drive (in SV43 bodies) has two options that differ depending on the type of transmission. On the “mechanics” the FullTime-V system was used, with a symmetrical center differential and viscous lock. On machines equipped with automatic transmission - FullTime STD I with a symmetrical center differential and hydromechanical coupling.

 At first, in Toyota Camry of this series, airbags (driver and front passenger) were offered only as an option, but since 1996 they have been put as standard equipment, just like the ABS system. More effective braking is provided on those models where disc brakes are used on both axles; on cheaper versions there are drum brakes on the back.

 Toyota Camry is a typical city car, but thanks to its comfortable suspension it does not save on the gravel road. Good noise isolation, excellent handling, reliable engines and suspension, relatively low fuel consumption, high build quality, the absence of serious problems with finding spare parts are the main criteria that the buyer usually focuses on, and Toyota Camry of this generation, if you make a discount on the age, it’s completely satisfies.
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