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Toyota Camry XV40, 7 generation, restyling 01.2009 - 08.2011

7 generation, restyling
(XV40) 01.2009 - 08.2011
DBA-ACV40, DBA-ACV45, AHV40, ASV40, GSV40, ACV40
7 generation, restyling
The XV40 Toyota Camry launched in late January 2006. An international team worked on the creation of the car. As a result, Camry versions for different markets may vary significantly. The total length of the new model remained the same, but it received a longer (55 mm) base and increased in width, which allowed to free up additional space for the cabin. Under the stylish and expressive external forms, a large passenger space is hidden, providing free placement of rear passengers, and in addition - a roomy trunk. True, compared with the previous generation, it decreased slightly, but even without that, the volume of 535 liters looks quite impressive.
 Compared to the previous generation, the number of trim levels decreased, but all of them provide a rich set of options: xenon headlights, front fog lights, electric front seats, engine start button, remote control key, multi-function display with navigation system, cabin filter. A warning sound has been added that the machine is not removed from the parking brake. The steering wheel is adjustable for tilt, reach and equipped with volume and climate buttons. In the expensive Camry versions you can find dual-zone climate control, an ionizer, cruise control, and an integrated HDD for a multimedia system. In 2009, the model underwent some cosmetic changes: the grille, front bumper, fog lights changed; turn indicators appeared on the side mirrors, and on richer trim levels, a chrome strip began to decorate the trunk lid. A larger diagonal monitor and a new silver lining of the center console began to be installed in the cabin.

 In Japan, the car, continuing the tradition of the previous generation, was offered with only one engine. This is a 2.4-liter 2AZ-FE motor inherited from the Camry XV30. However, unlike the first wave engines, it is structurally improved and is considered more reliable than the previous generation: in particular, the changes affected the VVT-i system, cylinder head bolts, which on the previous Camry tended to stretch during operation. The result was an excellent motor with increased power, the resource of which is now beyond doubt. All cars came only with an automatic transmission. On the front-wheel drive Camry was a 5-speed automatic, and on cars with all-wheel drive - a 4-speed.

 Due to the increased base, the Camry has become less maneuverable, which can be noted as a minus. However, if we talk about driving performance, then again, due to lengthening the base, expanding the track and lowering the center of gravity in the new model, a very high level of controllability and safety of movement was achieved. The brake discs are increased by an inch, which improves the dynamics of braking. The suspension is still completely independent with MacPherson struts and stabilizers on both axles.

 Protection of the driver and passengers and minimization of injuries in a collision is provided by belts with pretensioners and overload limiters; two-stage front and side airbags, as well as curtain airbags and a driver knee airbag. The seats of the modified design provide for the presence of energy-absorbing elements that provide additional protection against injuries to the spine and head. Natively, Camry is equipped with ABS, EBD, electronic brake force distribution and an emergency brake booster. Since 2009, standard equipment has been supplemented by the VSC stability control system and the TRC traction control system. Toyota Camry is one of those cars that should not be valued in appearance but in content. The main emphasis is on the balance of characteristics, and rich decoration is a pleasant addition to this. This is what allowed Camry to become one of the best-selling cars in the world. Given that the cars in this series have not yet become seriously outdated, this is the best choice in terms of price and quality.