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Toyota Camry XV70, 9 generation 01.2017 - present

9 generation
(XV70) 01.2017 - present
9 generation
In 2017, Toyota introduced the new Camry for the Japanese market. The model is built on the global modular architecture of the TNGA, which in 2014 introduced the Toyota C-HR crossover. If previous generations of Camry had versions that were different in design and design for the American and Asian markets, then with the advent of a new generation machine, the Japanese decided to abandon this separation. The new Camry for Japan with the exterior and interior almost repeats the American version, which debuted in January 2017 at the Detroit Auto Show. Compared to its predecessor, the sedan has become longer and wider, has received a more expressive appearance. Unlike the American market, where Toyota Camry offers various modifications, in Japan the car is sold only as a hybrid - with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine and electric motor. The new platform and design revision provided not only spaciousness in the cabin, but also improved visibility. The latter was achieved thanks to a change in the position of the hood and window line. The interior design of the new Toyota Camry XV70 is based on an asymmetric dashboard, the center console tapering downwards is separated from the tunnel by a stylish decorative element. Compared to its predecessor, the quality of finishing materials has improved, the arrangement of levers and buttons has become more ergonomic, they are better oriented to the driver. The model boasts the presence of three displays at once: 8-inch in the center console, 7-inch in the instrument cluster and the largest in the class 10.5-inch projection display on the windshield. The car offers a large panoramic roof with electric shutter, heated front seats, atmospheric interior lighting, multi-function steering wheel, folding rear seats and many other options. At the same time as the serial Camry in Japan, it is presented in tuning body kits from the TRD and Modellista court ateliers: aggressive lining on the lower part of the bumpers, false spoilers and several wheel rims.

 For the Japanese market, there is only one powerplant - a THS II hybrid system with a 2.5-liter engine. It is equipped with the new A25A-FXS engine, operating according to the Atkinson cycle and delivering a maximum power of 178 liters. with. - This is 20 "horses" more than the previous model (158 hp). But the electric motor has become weaker: it produces 120 hp. and 202 Nm instead of 143 hp and 270 Nm. However, the peak power of the entire power plant increased from 203 to 211 hp. Hybrid Camry comes with a lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride battery (depending on configuration). The claimed consumption is 3.9 liters per “hundred”. The power plant works in conjunction with a continuously variable transmission, but there is a S mode with sequential shift that simulates a 6-speed gearbox. Thanks to the transition to a new architecture and a decrease in the center of gravity with dynamic driving, the new Camry XV70 has become more stable on the road. The car also received four hydraulic engine mounts (for the first time in the Toyota model line), which helps to reduce vibration and improve ride smoothness. The sedan has a redesigned MacPherson strut front and double wishbones at the rear. The power steering column is completely new. The dimensions of the model in this generation are: 4885 x 1840 x 1445 mm (L x W x H), interior dimensions - 2030 x 1535 x 1185 mm. The wheelbase is 2825 mm, and the minimum turning radius is 5.7 m. The boot volume is 524 liters, which is very good for a hybrid model. At the same time, the luggage compartment allows you to place objects up to 1150 mm long, and with the rear seats folded, a large opening opens between the trunk and the passenger compartment (225x815 mm), which allows you to load longer items. The body of the sedan is made using modern laser welding technology, it is widely used ultra-strong steel hot stamping. 2018-2019 Toyota Camry will offer 10 airbags, LED low and high beam headlights, adaptive cruise control, as well as the Safety Sense P assisting electronics complex, which includes an accident prevention system and an automatic braking function when detecting obstacles when reversing.