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Toyota Celica T200, 6 generation 10.1993 - 08.1996

6 generation
(T200) 10.1993 - 08.1996
ST204, E-ST202, E-ST203, E-ST205, E-ST202C, AT200
6 generation
The sixth generation of Toyota Celica is a stylish car model that appeared during the boom of RV class cars (recreational vehicle, car for outdoor activities). At that time, there were few cars designed specifically for young people, therefore, in order to stop this trend, a new (at that time) generation Toyota Celica was created. It appeared on the market in 1993.
  Four round headlights of an exceptionally beautiful front car and a spacious spacious body of this car undoubtedly testify to the special character of Toyota Celica. All the first Toyota Celica had an SS class body, which is similar to the class of existing models. The first front-wheel drive model that appeared was presented in two versions: SS-I, 140 hp. and SS-II, 180 hp In 1997, a model of 180 hp. Underwent modernization to 200 hp.; an engine with a VVTL-i system was installed on it. At the same time, the SS-III, a modification with stunning aerodynamics, was added to a number of trim levels. In addition, the sixth generation Toyota Celica was replenished in 1994 with cars designed and assembled in the American company ASC - sports GT-FOUR, equipped with engines of 255 hp.
The fifth to seventh generation Toyota Celica models used classic front-wheel drive. In 1994, following the seventh-generation Toyota Celica that entered the market in 1993, compatible cars appeared. The assembled cars, which were similar to the previous models, were sent to the American company ASC, where they were refined to American standards.
  The glass sunroof is electrically operated. A car for four people is equipped with movable seats, which will be comfortable even for large passengers. Toyota Celica is available in two trim levels. The luxury equipment is equipped with aluminum wheels and an ABS system. The steering wheel with a braid made of genuine leather, an excellent sound system and air conditioning are installed in the cabin. The cheaper model is denoted by the letter X. The 4DOHC engine is installed on both models. Cars pass on two specifications: 180 hp. with a 5-speed manual gearbox and 170 hp with a 4-speed automatic. For painting cars, it was decided to use colors such as red, black and silver metallic.
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