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Toyota Celica T230, 7 generation 08.1999 - 07.2002

7 generation
(T230) 08.1999 - 07.2002
ZZT230, ZZT231, GH-ZZT230, GH-ZZT231, TA-ZZT230, TA-ZZT231
7 generation
Introduced at the Detroit Auto Show in January 1999, the XYR concept car was created at Toyota's Calty Design studio in California.
  The XYR, born into the atmosphere of a changing automotive sales market, is the seventh, more stylish generation of Toyota Celica. The main modifications in the updated Toyota Celica line were the 145-strong SS-I and 190-strong SS-II. The wheelbase has increased by 65 mm compared to the previous body, the rear and front bumpers of the car have decreased, the body itself has grown in length by 100 mm compared to previous models. The union of complex machine lines with the design of the future has become possible.

  The old 2-liter engine was replaced with a new development - a 1.8-liter engine with the VVTL-i system, the positive qualities of which cannot be compared with its predecessor.
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