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Toyota Century G40, 1 generation 09.1987 - 11.1992

1 generation
(G40) 09.1987 - 11.1992
E-VG40, E-VG45
1 generation
The first generation Toyota Century appeared a very long time ago - already in 1967. The basis for this car was the Toyota Crown.
 The first Century models were fitted with a 3-liter V8 engine with an OHV gas distribution system. In 1982, as a result of restyling, the appearance of the model changed slightly; in addition, the engine power (now equipped with a gas distribution system SOHC) increased to 170 hp, and the volume - up to 4 liters. In 1987, after the next modifications and improvements, the car received curved headlights, fashionable at that time, and new rear combined brake lights. In 1989, the VIP modification became 650 mm longer and 30 mm higher than other Century modifications. The price of Century in the Japanese market at that time was 15.1 million yen. In 1990, there was a modification of the L, which received a more spacious interior. Since this model has always been focused on wealthy people, it was difficult to find a simple city dweller among Century owners.