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New Year Holiday Delays
We thank you for your support in 2021 and look forward to serving you in the new year. We wish our customers a happy and safe holiday period.
Due to the New Year's holiday period in Japan, Amayama Trading will not be processing orders from 28th December 2021 until the 4th January 2022. Last parcels before the break will be sent on the 27th December. Shipments will resume from the 5th January 2022.

Toyota Corolla

Choose generation by production years:

(E140) 01.2008 - 09.2010
AZE141, ZRE142
10 generation
(E120) 04.2004 - 10.2006
9 generation, 2 restyling
(E120) 05.2004 - 02.2007
KE-CE121, UA-NZE120, UA-NZE121, UA-NZE124, UA-ZZE122, UA-ZZE124, ZZE120L, ZZE121L, ZZE120, ZZE121, CDE120, NDE120
9 generation, restyling
(E120) 08.2000 - 06.2004
KE-CE121, TA-NZE120, TA-NZE121, TA-NZE124, TA-ZZE122, TA-ZZE124, CDE120, ZZE120, ZZE121
9 generation
(E110) 04.1997 - 07.2000
E-AE110, E-AE111, E-AE114, E-EE111, KD-CE110, KD-CE114, ZZE110, AE111, EE110, EE111, ZZE111, CDE110, WZE110, AE114, ZE111
8 generation, restyling
(E110) 05.1997 - 12.2000
E-AE110, E-AE111, E-AE114, E-EE111, KD-CE110, KD-CE114, ZZE110, EE110, EE111, AE111, CE110
8 generation
(E100) 05.1997 - 07.2000
E-AE100G, E-AE101G, E-AE104G, GF-AE100G, GF-AE101G, GF-AE104G, KD-CE100G, KE-CE101G
7 generation, 3 restyling
(E100) 05.1995 - 04.1997
E-AE100G, E-AE101G, E-AE104G, KD-CE100G
7 generation, 2 restyling
(E100) 05.1993 - 04.1995
E-AE100, E-AE101, E-AE104, E-EE101, X-CE100, X-CE104, E-AE100G
7 generation, restyling
(E100) 09.1991 - 06.2002
E-AE100, E-AE101, E-AE104, E-EE101, X-CE100, X-CE104, E-AE100G, E-EE108G, X-CE108G, GG-AE109V, KE-CE102G, KE-CE107V, KF-CE105V, R-CE106V, R-EE106V, R-EE107V, S-CE106V, S-CE109V, TA-EE104G, TB-EE102V, TB-EE103V
7 generation
(E90) 05.1989 - 05.1991
E-AE91, E-AE92, E-AE95, E-EE90, Q-CE90, Q-CE95
6 generation, restyling
(E90) 05.1987 - 01.1994
AE94, AE95, AE92, E-AE91, E-AE92, E-AE95, E-EE90, Q-CE90, L-EE96V, L-EE98V, N-CE96V, E-AE91G, E-EE97G, Q-CE97G, AE90, EE90, СE90
6 generation
(E80) 01.1983 - 01.1987
AE82, CE80, EE80, E-AE80, E-AE81, E-AE82, N-CE80
5 generation
(E70) 05.1982 - 07.1987
E-KE73G, L-KE72V, L-TE74V, N-CE71V
4 generation, restyling
03.1979 - 04.1983
J-KE71V, J-TE73V, E-AE70, E-KE70, E-TE71
4 generation

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