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Obon 2021
Due to the Obon (week-long) public holiday in Japan, all orders submitted to Amayama Japan between the 11th of August and the 16th of August will be delayed in processing until the 17th of August. During this time no orders will be shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Toyota Corolla 10 generation 01.2008 - 09.2010

The European debut of the tenth generation Toyota Corolla took place in 2007. At the same time, a brand separation of the family occurred: the original name was left behind the sedan, and for the hatchback its own name was invented - Toyota Auris. Compared with the previous generation, the “anniversary” Corolla has become more solid and stylish, and thanks to some details that visually bring the model closer to more expensive sedans, the car even seems larger than it actually is. The interior has changed for the better - it has become more harmonious, more interesting, more convenient, distinguishing Corolla from many competitors in the class. The official sales of the tenth-generation Toyota Corolla sedan in Russia began in February 2007. The basic version was equipped with a 1.4-liter gasoline engine, and a more powerful 1.6-liter one.
 The initial Comfort package includes heated and electrically adjustable exterior mirrors, headlight washers, heated front seats, a central lock and power windows in the front doors, an immobilizer and a CD recorder with the ability to read MP3 files. A more complete list of equipment "Elegance", which adds power windows for the rear doors, automatic climate control, two additional radio speakers, a leather steering wheel equipped with audio control keys and front fog lights. The richest Prestige equipment, although it does not turn Corolla into a premium class, nevertheless brings the equipment to a very high level: there are a light sensor, a rain sensor, an electrochromic rearview mirror, cruise control, an engine start button and a Smart access system Entry alloy wheels. The basic version of the 2007 Corolla sedan, delivered to Russia, was equipped with a 1.4-liter 4ZZ-FE gasoline engine and 97 hp. Such a sedan can reach a maximum speed of 185 km / h, and from zero to 100 km / h it accelerates in 13 seconds. Under the hood of a more powerful modification is the 1.6-liter 124-horsepower 1ZR-FE power unit, the “maximum speed” reaches 195 km / h, and the time to “hundreds” is just over 10 seconds. As an alternative to mechanics, a multimodal transmission (MMT) was proposed for Toyota Corolla - or, more simply, a robotic gearbox. Unlike a conventional manual gearbox, gear selection and clutch operation are automatic. However, frequent complaints about the behavior of the "robot" forced him to abandon it in favor of a more familiar and reliable 4-speed automatic transmission, which happened with a small update in 2009. At the same time, the Corolla sedan received a 1.33-liter gasoline 4-cylinder 1NR-FE engine with Dual VVT-i system (101 hp) in combination with a 6-speed manual gearbox as the basic unit. And on the dashboard there was a light indicator of the recommended gear shift, which helps to save fuel.

 The elementary design of the suspension (front - the usual MacPherson struts, rear - the torsion beam) provides high reliability and durability. Of course, this option is more likely to lead to comfortable leisurely driving - after all, Toyota Corolla belongs to family sedans - but at the same time, the car's suspension deserves a good assessment in terms of handling and maneuverability and adequately perceives all the features of domestic road "beautification". The car is equipped with disc brakes (front ventilated), rack and pinion steering with electric power and steering wheel adjustment for tilt and reach. With a distance between the axles of 2600 mm, the sedan has a sufficient supply of rear space. Trunk volume is 450 liters and the rear seats can be folded (60/40).

 Toyota Corolla is equipped with the most essential active and passive safety systems. So, the basic equipment includes ABS + EBD, an emergency brake booster (BA), front and side airbags. And in the Elegance configuration, the curtains and the knee airbag for the driver additionally rely on. This option is the most optimal - it was in this configuration that the car earned the highest ratings according to the results of crash tests. Compared with the previous generation, the car has become safer for pedestrians.

 Over the course of many generations, the familiar simplicity and reliability of all components and assemblies has remained a characteristic feature of the Corolla family, thanks to which this model has a fairly high total resource and, even when moving to the “used” category, gives the owner, as a rule, not too many problems. When buying used cars, it is advisable to give preference to a more powerful engine, as well as the usual gearbox - the usual mechanical or “automatic”.