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Toyota Cresta X90, 4 generation 10.1992 - 08.1994

4 generation
(X90) 10.1992 - 08.1994
E-GX90, E-JZX90, E-JZX91, E-JZX93, E-SX90, Y-LX90
4 generation
As you know, cars of the Mark II / Chaser / Cresta model range of the so-called 90th series appeared on sale in 1992. If we take the chronology of the development of the car Mark II, then it was already his 7th generation. In the era of short-term economic recovery at the turn of the 90s of the last century, there was a tendency to increase the size of cars, which was also the case with cars of the 90th series.
 If you try to compare this generation of the Mark II family with its previous model, you can easily notice the progress both in terms of driving performance and in terms of the quality of perception of the machine as a whole. The differences were of a fundamental, one might even say, epoch-making character. All that appeared after until today is, by and large, just the development of the basis laid then in the early 90s of the last century.

 In this regard, a series of cars of the Tourer Series category is indicative. Externally, they could easily be recognized by aluminum discs of a special design, which was never used anywhere else. On those machines of this series, which were produced with a manual gearbox, a limited slip differential was provided with a sensor - a torque regulator.

 The Tourer V was powered by a 280-horsepower 6-cylinder twin-turbo twin-liter engine. The Tourer S was equipped with the same engine, but only without turbines. Therefore, its power was slightly less - 180 liters. with. The Tourer V model could come with a 5-speed manual gearbox. They say that the authors of the project tried in their development to reach the level of the BMW M5 model.