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Toyota Cresta X100, 5 generation, restyling 08.1998 - 06.2001

5 generation, restyling
(X100) 08.1998 - 06.2001
GF-GX100, GF-GX105, GF-JZX100, GF-JZX101, GF-JZX105, KD-LX100
5 generation, restyling
This latest generation Toyota Cresta was launched in 1996. Like her “brothers” - Mark II with Chaser, Cresta in the 100th body most clearly showed her personality. So far, these three models have had many of the same components and body elements, but from some point Mark II separated from the group of “relatives” and began to acquire more individual features.
 Cresta has retained the sports modification of the Tourer. The most powerful equipment - Tourer V - is equipped with a 280-horsepower engine with a VVT-i system, a limited slip differential, wheels of different sizes for the front and rear axles and a 5-speed manual gearbox. In 1998, Cresta was restyled.