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Toyota Crown Majesta S140, 1 generation 10.1991 - 07.1993

1 generation
(S140) 10.1991 - 07.1993
E-JZS149, E-UZS141, E-UZS143, E-UZS145
1 generation
Toyota Crown Majesta is a luxury model with a class higher than Toyota Crown. This luxury full-size sedan is based on the Crown comfort concept, although the Majesta is slightly larger than the Crown. At the same time, Majesta, unlike Crown, is equipped with a 4-liter engine. There are more affordable options equipped with a 3-liter engine. Majesta owes much of its appearance to the Lexus LS 400 model, domestically called Toyota Celsior, introduced in 1989 as the company's flagship sedan, which laid the cornerstone of the Lexus brand. Well, and since the maximum model diversity was already welcomed in the domestic market in those years, a new Crown Majesta sedan was launched in 1991 as an intermediate between the Celsior and the regular Crown. Its magnificent appearance and sophistication very quickly won the hearts of wealthy buyers. The name used inflection from "Majestic" (majestic, grandiose) or "Majesty", "Majesty", naturally - royal!
 Crown Majesta was produced in hardtop (frameless door) bodies in “A type”, “B type” and “C type” trim levels. In the “A type” package, the car has a double air conditioner, a steering column with adjustable tilt and reach, cruise control, full power accessories, electric front seats, wood inserts, leather steering wheel braid, alloy wheels 15 inches, front fog headlights, CD player and sunroof as an option. In the maximum configuration, Crown Majesta offers an outstanding set of equipment: a leather interior, a built-in vibro-massager, an electric drive for all seats and seat belts, a CD changer for 12 disks, a multivisor with TV and navigation, a refrigerator, heated mirrors, heated seats, a speedometer projection on the windshield and t d.

 The power unit 2JZ-GE with a volume of 3 liters, which is a straight-six, has a power of 230 hp. and is quite suitable for the Crown Majesta, thanks to a rather impressive torque of 285 Nm. Although, of course, the most appropriate engine for this car weighing more than 1600 kg is the 4-liter V8, which has become the hallmark of the model. This motor of the 1UZ-FE series has excellent traction characteristics - with a power of 260 liters. with. and a torque of 353 Nm, it gives Majesta the qualities of a sports car and is able to turn this luxury sedan into a fast car.

 Majesta’s fully independent, electronically controlled, height-adjustable air suspension is another feature of this chic car that delivers superb driving performance. The subframes, combined with the body structure, provide excellent protection against vibration. Instead of a worm gear, rack and pinion is used, sharper and more sensitive. Some modifications of Majesta are equipped with all-wheel drive of the Full Time type, in addition, customers were offered top versions equipped with a 4WS system with active control of all wheels.

 The list of security systems and equipment also looks very serious by the standards of its time - and it cannot be otherwise, given the status of this car. The basic equipment of Majesta includes: ABS (anti-lock braking system), door stiffeners, child seat fasteners, three-point seat belts of all places. Driver airbag and traction control - options or standard for expensive trim levels. Since 1994, the driver's airbag has become the standard, and the front passenger airbag has become an additional option. The very high reliability, resource and the highest quality of manufacture of Crown Majesta served to the fact that today, after more than two decades, many first-generation cars have a decent technical condition. There is only one sad fact - high taxes for the right to own the legendary, but far from new, car of this series, especially with a 4-liter engine. As a result, old Majesta are often found at prices comparable to lower class cars.