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Toyota Crown Majesta S150, 2 generation, restyling 07.1997 - 08.1999

2 generation, restyling
(S150) 07.1997 - 08.1999
E-JZS155, E-UZS151, E-UZS155, E-UZS157, GF-JZS155, GF-UZS151, GF-UZS155, GF-UZS157
2 generation, restyling
The second generation Toyota Crown Majesta, featuring a specific style and technical innovations, appeared on the market in 1995. The design of the front of the body of this series is made in the style of Toyota Crown, at the same time, to emphasize the difference, the rear of the car is framed in a rather bold design, with original narrow brake lights vertically located on the sides of the trunk. In this generation, the power of the main power unit V8, which became the model's trademark, has increased even more. Unlike the licked forms of the previous generation, the appearance of the new Crown Majesta has become more strict lines. The lower part of the characteristic two-tone color of the base model became two tones lighter. Due to its characteristics, and in particular for the Toyota VSC system introduced in the Crown / Crown Majesta family, in 1996 the car received the prestigious Japan Car of the Year Award.
 The basic equipment offers solutions worthy of a top level: dual-zone climate control, cruise control, a two-way steering column, electric front seats, CD player with a cassette player, wood trim, 15 "alloy wheels, front fog lights. Considering that the second generation Crown Majesta was created after the collapse of the soap bubble economy, it could not have done without using simpler solutions in the interior and simplifying the list of additional equipment that does not have a significant impact on comfort. At the same time, the new generation added more modern functions, such as voice control, later - VVT-technology in the engine, gas-discharge headlights. So everything is relative, applicable to this luxurious sedan, which, as in the previous generation, received equipment for heated mirrors and seats, a leather interior, a projection of the speedometer on the windshield, electric sunroof, CD changer for 12 disks, a navigation system with multi-color LCD monitor etc.

 The second generation of the model was equipped with 4-liter V-engines with 8 cylinders with a capacity of 265 liters. with., and also 3-liter in-line engines with 6 cylinders with a power of 220 hp In 1997, upgrading the engine and equipping it with a VVT system (variable valve timing) made it possible to remove 280 “forces” from the engine and increase the maximum torque from 363 to 402 Nm. For the first time, a new 5-speed automatic transmission is installed in the car, however, only on machines with rear-wheel drive and in the top-of-the-range F type trim levels. In other cases, a 4-speed automatic.

 Like the previous generation, Crown Majesta uses a fully independent double-wishbone suspension; individual versions are equipped with air suspension. Four-wheel drive in the i-Four trim levels, which come only with a 4-liter engine, is permanent (Full Time), with an asymmetric center differential and a hydromechanical locking clutch. The wheelbase in this generation has remained unchanged - 2780 mm, as well as the length of the car. Ground clearance (ride height) is 135-145 mm, with all-wheel drive modifications having a smaller parameter.

 In this generation, Majesta is equipped with high-tech systems, such as, for example, the VSC system of directional stability and traction control, which have contributed to the stability of the car and allow you to keep the car in a stable position when entering into uncontrolled rotation. The vehicle’s standard equipment includes frontal airbags, ABS (anti-lock braking system), seat belt pretensioners. The newly designed body provides better collision protection.

 The second generation Crown Majesta stands a notch higher than the Crown of the same 150 series, offering a higher level of equipment and comfort, and the successful acquaintance of right-hand drive owners with the first generation was the key to the growth of popularity of the new Majesta generation, which is now also gradually becoming legendary cars. In the general assortment, modifications with 3- and 4-liter engines are approximately equally represented.