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Toyota Crown Majesta S170, 3 generation, restyling 08.2001 - 06.2004

3 generation, restyling
(S170) 08.2001 - 06.2004
GH-UZS173, TA-JZS177, TA-UZS171, TA-UZS175
3 generation, restyling
The third-generation Toyota Crown Majesta, an intermediate between the Celsior and the Crown Royal, debuted in September 1999. The appearance and mechanisms with some changes were inherited from the second generation of the model, allowing to preserve the general Majesta style within the framework of the concept of previous generations and, at the same time, ensure sufficient passenger space of the car along with improved control characteristics. The elongated narrow headlights of the previous Majesta body became wider, and the vertical taillights, which more harmoniously fit into the appearance of the car, also increased in size. Like its predecessor, the car uses a carrier-type body. The third-generation Crown Majesta has become the official company car for Toyota senior management personnel.
 Crown Majesta was offered in the domestic market in “A type” and “C type” trim levels, both with 3- or 4-liter engines, as well as in all-wheel drive versions, traditionally coming with a 4-liter engine. The class and equipment level of the model remained at a traditionally high level. Speaking about the electrical package, it will be correct to say that there is an electric drive for “everything”. And in addition to such familiar options as dual climate control, cruise control, heated seats and mirrors, etc., there is an ottoman (ottoman) for legs for rear passengers, built into the back of the front passenger seat. And in general, the level of comfort and accomplishment has increased significantly. A multi-function steering wheel and xenon headlights became standard. In 2001, minor changes took place in the design of the front grille and rear lights.

 Majesta is powered by a 280-horsepower 4-liter V-engine with 8 cylinders. A 3-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine with direct injection is also available. Its power is 220 hp. The i-Four system on versions with all-wheel drive is similar to that in previous generations. Toyota Crown Majesta is equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission (on versions with all-wheel drive, only a 4-speed automatic transmission is installed).

 Emphasizing the status of a car of the highest class, in the top configuration Majesta is equipped with air suspension with electronic control. The suspension design remains the same - a fully independent double wishbone. For the third generation in a row, the Majesta sedan seemed to have froze in size - the body length is unchanged 4900 mm, and compared to the previous series, the width (1795 mm) has not changed. The clearance (145 mm) and the minimum turning radius (5.5 m) remain almost the same. In all-wheel drive versions, these figures are 140 mm and 5.8 meters, respectively. VSC, EBD, ABS, ARS and other technological innovations to improve driving are installed on Majesta, greatly expanding the car's safety capabilities for the driver and passengers. This model also comes standard with front and side airbags. The Crown family has always been characterized by a high degree of safety, which is confirmed by crash tests. With each generation, used Crown Majesta find more and more buyers in our country. The outstanding characteristics of the car allow it to remain in the top leaders for a long time in terms of equipment, reliability, resource, etc. indicators. As for the generation of 1999-2004, it, perhaps, has become the most massive among previous and subsequent ones. Among the general offer, three-liter and four-liter modifications are equally represented, among the latter there are many four-wheel drive cars.