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Toyota Crown Majesta S200, 5 generation 03.2009 - 08.2013

5 generation
(S200) 03.2009 - 08.2013
5 generation
The flagship of the Toyota model line is the Crown Majesta "car for the Japanese." In the fifth generation, the wheelbase of the car was lengthened from 2850 to 2925 mm, and the total length of the car increased by 20 mm and came close to the mark of 5 meters (4995 mm). Height and overall width also increased by 15 mm and 10 mm, respectively. If we talk about the internal space, it basically increased in length - it is 2135 mm against 2070 in the previous generation; the remaining dimensions have not changed much. The increase in wheelbase served to increase the living space of the rear of the cabin, especially adding comfort to the passengers of the rear sofa. As befits a top-class car, the main emphasis when creating this car is made in the direction of the vector "car with driver."
 In the domestic market, the car is offered in rear-wheel drive modifications A type, C type, G type and all-wheel drive version of i-Four 4WD. In all models, 17 "aluminum rims, gas discharge lamps, fog lights, engine start from a button, an 8-inch display of the navigation system with HDD, electric front seats are included in the standard equipment. The upper equipment is equipped with heated front and rear seats, electric rear seats, three-zone climate control, sound system with 18 speakers, radar cruise control, leather interior, in the interior - inserts made of natural veneer with a thickness of 0.5 mm. In the top-end configuration, the G Type F Package offers a four-seater version of the model, equipped with an automatic retractable passenger footrest. The impressive center console between the rear seats contains a climate control console and audio for the rear passengers. The size of the trunk (with an auto-drawer) has not changed much and is very impressive - 523 liters for a car not equipped with rear air conditioning. Single-drive models are equipped with a 4.6-liter 1UR-FSE V8 engine in combination with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel drive models are equipped with a 4.3-liter 3UZ-FE engine with a 6-speed automatic transmission inherited from the previous generation. With a seemingly insignificant difference in volume, these two power units have a noticeable difference in power - 347 hp. against 280 h.p. The maximum torque is 460 and 430 Nm, respectively. The power density of the car is also striking - in the rear-wheel drive version with a 4.6-liter engine, a little more than 5 kg falls on one horsepower. This engine also surprises with its incredible silence - and here we are not talking about the deaf noise insulation of the cabin, on the contrary, the engine can be heard, but this sound is unobtrusive and only caresses the ear. But under normal driving conditions (2500-3000 rpm), it is almost inaudible. If you fully use the capabilities of an 8-speed automatic transmission, it is easy to achieve a fuel consumption of 10.6 l / 100km, which is very acceptable for such a large car.

 The ride quality is further enhanced by the latest equipment: the DRAMS traction control system and the VGRS active steering system with variable gear ratio. The Crown Majesta suspension - double wishbone front and multi-link rear - provides the highest level of ride quality. In trim levels with a tire size of 17 inches, emphasis is placed on ride comfort. For cars on 18-inch wheels, an optimal balance is reached between comfort and sportiness.

 The standard for Crown Majesta is the VDIM system and a sophisticated set of support systems (EBD with ABS + VSC + TRC + EPS). In addition to the standard front and side airbags, curtains and knee pads, there is a central airbag for rear passengers! In addition, for the first time in the world, an intelligent pre-emergency response system has been used to protect the rear passenger when hitting the front or rear and, accordingly, deflecting the seatback forward or backward immediately before a collision, ensuring minimal consequences for humans. A millimeter-wave radar is used to detect collisions.

 The impeccability of the Crown Majesta, the richness of the complete sets characteristic of the domestic market with the thoughtfulness of everything and every detail, make this car one of the best representatives of the premium class in the world, fully justifying its title of “Royal Majesty”. Given the low age, today (2014) this generation is just beginning to settle in the domestic market for used cars.