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Toyota Crown S140, 9 generation 10.1991 - 07.1993

9 generation
(S140) 10.1991 - 07.1993
E-JZS141, E-JZS143, E-JZS145, Q-LS141
9 generation
Toyota Crown is a member of the family of full-size luxury sedans. In 1991, in parallel with the production of the previous generation in the S130 body, the ninth generation hardtop was launched, built on the S140 platform, although in fact the main changes were reduced only to the interior and appearance, since the frame, chassis and steering remained unchanged. It can also be noted that the design of the ninth generation partly influenced changes in the appearance of the previous one, which was reflected in the sedan and station wagon after the restyling carried out in the same year. In turn, the appearance of this Crown can be seen motifs borrowed from the luxury sedan Lexus LS 400, the release of which was launched two years earlier. In general, we can talk about the Toyota Crown of the ninth generation, as a global modernization, which resulted in a very harmonious car that combines high technology, comfort, power and become at the same time. For Toyota Crown model 1991 model year, several trim levels were provided. From the simplest: Super Select and Super Saloon - to the most chic Royal series: Royal Saloon and Royal Touring, which boast the richest equipment, including options such as: air suspension, factory tinted windows, electric drive for all seats, cruise control, dual air conditioning, CD changer, etc. Touring versions are characterized by more “tighter” suspension settings and the presence of a 5-speed automatic transmission. On the other modifications was a 4-speed automatic.

 Toyota Crown of those years were equipped with four types of engines. If we talk about specific models, then these are mass-series motors used in many Toyota models. A two-liter 135-horsepower 1G-FE as the base for gasoline versions. One notch - 1JZ-GE with a volume of 2.5 liters and 180 horsepower is not only one of the most popular engines in the lineup, but also a fairly reliable, unpretentious engine. Like his fellow in the 2JZ-GE series with a volume of 3.0 liters and a power of 230 hp Diesel modifications were equipped with a 2.4-liter turbodiesel of two modifications: 2L-TE (97 hp) and 2L-THE (100 hp), require increased attention during operation, otherwise typical “diseases” are possible engines of this series: overheating, problems with injection pump and turbine. Crown suspension - completely independent, provides a very smooth ride. A significant part of the cars came with air suspension. However, the flip side also has a high smoothness: with tired air bags or springs with shock absorbers, a well-traveled Crown may be prone to swaying on gentle road waves and (given the dimensions of the body) becomes sensitive to strong gusts of crosswind. Often you can find cars that have a body sagging under light loads, so when buying a used car you should pay special attention to this. Of the other drawbacks of Toyota Crown in this body can be noted the lack of sharpness of the steering, but, incidentally, this is inherent in all cars that use steering with a worm gear.

 In terms of safety, the Toyota Crown in the 140th body is not much different from its predecessor. The options are driver airbag, ABS, ESC, TRC. The brakes on all wheels are disc and quite efficient. Toyota Crown S140 - a classic rear-wheel drive car and the last in its family, which was based on a frame platform. Despite all the shortcomings of this design, due to modern requirements for passive safety, it also has its advantages - good isolation from vibrations and noise coming from units and tires and great reliability of the body as a whole, which is especially important for a used car. Toyota Crown - a reliable, strong and unpretentious car with a very high level of comfort. Cars of this brand are highly valued not only for their luxurious interior, but also for the high durability of components and assemblies, so their cost in the secondary market does not fall as much as that of other brands. For a poor supporter of rear-wheel drive and "real Japanese cars", the ninth-generation Toyota Crown is the best option, especially if you can find a copy in good condition that will last for years.