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Toyota Funcargo XP20, 1 generation 08.1999 - 07.2002

1 generation
(XP20) 08.1999 - 07.2002
1 generation
The multi-purpose minivan Toyota Funcargo, created on the basis of the Toyota Vitz model, was designed as a compact but comfortable car especially for the younger generation. The advertising campaign of this model was accompanied by the slogan "Fun - Car - Go", which explains its slightly unusual name. Its name is easily transformed into a "funny loader" - with the same ease as this car itself adapts to different tasks. Thanks to this, Funcargo appealed to people of all ages, and especially to those who were interested in a spacious interior and great cargo capacity, especially since the wheelbase here is 130 mm longer than the Vitz base. Equipped with Funcargo 1.3- and 1.5-liter engines with VVT-i system.
 The interior and design of the lower half of the dashboard is similar to the Vitz; at the same time, the execution style of the devices themselves and other components of the interior is somewhat original. Automatic selector - in the form of a "poker" on the steering column on the left. The steering wheel is adjustable only by tilt. Separate mention deserves the retractable rear seats and the raised front position. True, the design of the seats is such that their pillows are a bit short, because of this, on long trips it is not too comfortable. But there is a high landing behind the wheel, a good view around and through the mirrors. Large doorways are an absolute advantage. The salon will accommodate five people, and there will still be room for luggage. At the same time, it is worth considering that the rear seats are quite high: you can put something long under them, which is impossible in most conventional station wagons, and these things will not get in the way.

 Toyota Funcargo got two Vitz gasoline engines. The base is a 1.3-liter engine 2NZ-FE with a capacity of 88 liters. with. It is paired with an automatic 4-band gearbox. This modification is economical - consumption in 10/15 mode is 5.8 liters of gasoline per 100 km. A more powerful 1.5-liter engine has a return of 110 hp. in front-wheel drive, and in all-wheel drive models - 105 hp It also works in combination with an "automatic". Gas consumption - 6.7 and 7.1 l / 100 km.

 The front suspension of Toyota Funcargo is a spring strut with a coil spring, and the rear suspension is torsion bar with springs, with the exception of all-wheel drive versions, where the rear axle is a continuous axle. Compared to the Vitz, the Funcargo has a reinforced suspension, given its large mass and increased payload. The full length of the body is 3860-3880 mm, width 1660-1665 mm, height 1680-1710 mm. The turning radius is 5.1 meters. The wheelbase has a size of 2500 mm - this is a very good indicator for its class, which just provided the main advantages of the model - a spacious interior (its dimensions are 1905 x 1370 x 1290 mm), a sufficient supply of rear space, a roomy trunk. The volume of the latter can vary from 390 to 2160 liters, depending on the transformation of the cabin. The raised floor system in which the rear seats fit and the resulting perfect flat floor in the cabin is perhaps the most important feature of Funcargo, for which many people love this car. The maximum loading length reaches 178 cm, which allows you to transport fairly large items.

 Of the equipment responsible for safety, Toyota Funcargo relied on two airbags (driver and front passenger), seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters on the front seats. Electronic anti-lock braking system ABS with electronic power distribution EBD and auxiliary braking system have become the standard for all models since December 2000. The body type GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) meets the higher requirements of crash tests (a new standard was introduced in 1996).

 The Funcargo minivan was a great addition to the compact family built on the Toyota Vitz hatchback platform, which also includes the Platz sedan. The widespread use of this model, its "ingenious simplicity", the absence of problems with spare parts create all the conditions for the successful operation of used cars, and the wide variety of copies offered on the market - for a confident choice of your taste and price. If you do not take into account the unusual appearance, which someone can count as a minus, the real disadvantages of Funcargo include sailing, a low ground clearance, an explosive cabin and lack of sound insulation, a weak 1.3-liter engine.