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Toyota Hiace Regius xH10, 1 generation 04.1997 - 07.1999

1 generation
(xH10) 04.1997 - 07.1999
1 generation
1997 was the year of the debut of Toyota Hiace Regius, which in its configuration is very close to a model like the Toyota Granvia. They are distinguished by their body width - Hiace Regius is somewhat narrower, which does not prevent it from accommodating 7-8 passengers that have already become typical of the minivan class.
 Hiace Regius is equipped with a 4-cylinder in-line engine of 2.7 liters or a 3-liter turbodiesel. On the sliding door, which is equipped with the model, systems are installed that facilitate easy opening and closing - easy closer and power assist. The main advantage of this model can be called a roomy interior and a variety of ways to organize seats. The first row of seats can be rotated, the second and third rows are freely removable; as a result, you can choose a suitable seating arrangement from a huge number of options. Convenient location of the gear lever and the spaciousness of the aisles in the high cabin are striking.