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Toyota Isis XM10, 1 generation 09.2004 - 04.2007

1 generation
(XM10) 09.2004 - 04.2007
1 generation
This new 5-size minivan with three rows of seats in a 7-seater saloon went on sale in the fall of 2004. The location of the seats corresponds to the scheme "3-2-2". The car is considered a continuation of the Toyota Gaia lineup, although the characteristics of the two cars are different. If the Gaia model has a common chassis with the Toyota Ipsum car, then the Isis car in question has a different, multidisciplinary focus, and, as they say, was developed from scratch. It is appropriate here to recall at least the door control system located on the front passenger side, which is called "panorama open door". Both left and right, the car body is equipped with doors of the same sliding type. But what’s interesting: when the door on the front passenger’s side is open, it can truly be called “wide open”, since the side pillar of the body is outside the doorway. This feature of the door, of course, makes landing in the rear seat and exit from the passenger compartment more convenient. And not only landing. Imagine just how much more convenient it has become to bring things into the salon. In this model, for the first time in the history of production of minivans, Toyota used a third-row seat design that, if necessary, allows them to be hidden under the floor. If we talk about the features of the new car’s style, it will be permissible to put it this way: if we continue the line connecting the Alphard and Wish models in the “sport” direction, this will be the place corresponding to the Isis style. This statement is especially true in relation to the sports modification, which is also provided for in this model range. This refers to the Platana category. The machine is equipped with an engine of two types: a working volume of 1.8 liters and 2 liters. Both are 4-cylinder in-line cylinders, both with Twin Cam technology. The same motors, by the way, are used in the Noah / Voxy lineup. In the case when a 1.8-liter engine is installed on the machine, a 4-speed automatic transmission is installed on it. If the engine is two-liter, then it works in combination with a new CVT. The Platana modification, as a more sporty one, is equipped with a variator with a manual shift mode in a 7-speed scheme.

 (October, 2004)