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Toyota Isis XM10, 1 generation, 2 restyling 09.2009 - 12.2017

1 generation, 2 restyling
(XM10) 09.2009 - 12.2017
1 generation, 2 restyling
In September 2009, sales of the updated Toyota Isis started in the domestic market of Japan. This is the second minor modernization of the current generation. The main news was the installation under the hood of Isis updated engines of 1.8 and 2.0 liters with the proprietary Valvematic system.
 All motors are aggregated by a variable-speed transmission and are very economical: for example, a car with a front-wheel drive and an engine of 1.8 liters in a combined cycle consumes 6 liters per hundred, a version with a two-liter power plant and front-wheel drive can consume only 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers. All-wheel drive equipment with a 1.8 engine travels 15.2 km per liter of gasoline. A pair of 2.0 motor and four-wheel drive is not provided.

 All Toyota Isis configurations in the base are equipped with a contactless door opening system and remote engine start, anti-theft alarm, a system for automatically locking door locks, and a steering column adjustable for tilt and reach. Since 2013, all Isis configurations include a stability control system and traction control as basic equipment.