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Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J150, 4 generation 09.2009 - 08.2013

4 generation
(J150) 09.2009 - 08.2013
4 generation
The 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado belongs to the Sport Utility Vehicle class and in the Toyota model line is an intermediate between the RAV-4 and the Land Cruiser. Despite the common name with the latter, these are different cars, and if the manufacturer Land Cruiser is positioned as able to overcome the terrain, then Land Cruiser Prado is a great helper for an active holiday with the whole family. First shown to the general public at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009, Land Cruiser Prado has become one of the most high-profile novelties, the design of which has caused a lot of controversy and ambiguous judgments. However, potential and former admirers of the model were not long in coming, and as for the design features, he only added the “muscularity” model. As for the power units, they remained the same, however, the settings have changed a bit: priority is now given to maximum fuel economy, rather than torque. Of the global changes in the cabin, it can be noted that the third row (on some versions) is now double, its seats fold to the floor, forming a flat area and freeing up additional space for luggage.

 Four engines were available for the fourth generation Land Cruiser Prado, designed for different markets: two diesel and two gasoline. Machines manufactured for the domestic market in Japan were equipped with gasoline engines. This is an in-line 2.7-liter “four” 2TR-FE (160 hp, a torque of 246 Nm) and a V-shaped “six” with a volume of 4 liters 1GR-FE (271 hp, 380 Nm), already acquaintances from the previous generation. The first engine was equipped with a complete set of TX and TX L, the second - more expensive TZ and TZ-G, differing in types of transmissions (4- or 5-band “automatic”) and internal equipment. On more expensive versions there is cruise control, rain sensors, electric seats with position memory, rear view and front view cameras and other options designed to improve the already high consumer qualities of the model. The front suspension of the Land Cruiser Prado of the 150th series is independent, the rear is a rigid axle with springs or air bags (the latter are complete with shock absorbers with adjustable stiffness and the ability to change the ride height). All-wheel drive is permanent, with locks on the central differential and the rear axle differential. The frame, modernized to give greater torsional and bending strength, remained an invariable attribute. And thanks to the kinetic stabilization system, it was possible to reduce one of the main drawbacks of the frame structure - body rolls during rebuilding or cornering. All this gives the car the character traits of a real SUV and city "limousine" at the same time.

 The 2009 Land Cruiser Prado is one of the most technologically advanced cars. Including in terms of security, for which numerous electronic systems are responsible. On the move, these are stabilization systems for directional stability, assistance when descending from a mountain and climbing uphill, Multi-Terrain System (a system for choosing the type of surface), rain sensors, etc. During a collision, a set of 7-9 is responsible for the life of the driver and passengers airbags and active front seat head restraints. Since 2013, some versions of pedestrians protection systems have been put optionally on the domestic market to reduce the consequences of a collision. Despite its somewhat inflated, one might even say puffy form, Land Cruiser Prado has not lost its strong, masculine character. It is still a frame jeep, with all the advantages and disadvantages that rely on it. Fortunately, there are more of the latter, and it is no coincidence that this is one of the most popular models in Russia. The good news is that despite the number of options and electronics, in general, the manufacturer is trying to maintain the legendary reliability that has always been characteristic of cars of this family.