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Toyota Mark II X80, 6 generation 08.1988 - 07.1990

6 generation
(X80) 08.1988 - 07.1990
E-GX81, E-MX83, E-SX80, Q-LX80
6 generation
The rear-wheel drive hardtop Toyota Mark II belongs to the Upper Middle Class (the top of the middle class), which in the “ranking table” occupies an intermediate position between models such as Toyota Corona and Toyota Crown. The Toyota Mark II family reached its greatest popularity during the high demand for large cars with claims to luxury - in the mid-80s, the fifth generation of the model (X70) hit a wave of success. The sixth generation, the X80 series, having received an updated, more “sleek” appearance, successfully continued and developed this tradition, becoming one of the most popular cars in Japan.
 As was common in those years in the domestic market, the car was produced with two types of bodies: a sedan and a hardtop. An important advantage of the latter was a more solid body than the other four-door hardtops. Mark II proves its popularity with a wide variety of trim levels, many of which have rich equipment. Velor or even leather (optional) interior, 4-speed automatic transmission, power accessories, cruise control, steering wheel with adjustable in two planes, driver's seat with electric drive - all these were the invariable attributes of the magnificent top versions of the model. The favorable environment created a great demand for “powerful cars”, which is especially clearly seen in the modifications of the “2.5 Twin Turbo”, equipped with a turbo 2.5-liter engine with a capacity of 280 “horses”. Models with sports equipment are called Tourer. The most luxurious was the “3.0 Grande G” equipment, which in terms of equipment could compete with higher-class cars. A distinctive feature of Toyota Mark II of this generation can be called a wide range of engines. Diesel 2L (85 hp) and 2L-T (94 hp) were installed on the simplest modifications intended for commercial use as a taxi, training cars, etc. A 1.8-liter petrol 4-cylinder 4S-FI is also not the most outstanding option, since its modest power is 105 hp. hardly enough for this model. However, like the power of the 4S-FE (115 hp), which replaced it since 1990. Mark II begins to acquire its character with in-line “sixes” 1G-FE (135 hp) and 1G-GE (150 hp). Powerful 1G-GZE (170 hp) and turbocharged 1G-GTE (210 hp) make the Mark II even more interesting in dynamics. Since 1990, JZ series motors have replaced them. This is a 2.5-liter 1JZ-GE (180 hp) and 1JZ-GTE (280 hp) turbocharged. A three-liter inline “six” 7M-GE with a capacity of 200 liters was also offered. with. with a “locomotive” traction on the bottoms - the last representative of the legendary M series, originating from the 60s.

 The front suspension of the Mark II X80 is independent, spring, with McPherson struts. The rear, like the machines of the previous generation, is of two types. On diesel versions and cars with a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, a continuous axle is used at the rear. On other versions - an independent suspension. With the latter, Mark II demonstrates a very comfortable behavior. Excellent sound insulation, optimal settings make the suspension quite "silent" even on poor road surfaces. Transmission - mechanical 5-speed or 4-speed automatic.

 The sixth-generation Mark II safety approach meets the requirements of those years: three-point seat belts, child seat mounts, a safety steering column. Since 1991, as an option, the car began to be equipped with airbags for the driver and front passenger. On expensive versions, given the class of the car, the ABS system is used, traction control (TCS).

 Undoubtedly, the Mark II X80 series is one of the most popular right-hand drive cars that have come at the junction of centuries. Numerous representatives of this generation even today demonstrate their exceptional reliability and prove that it is too early to write it off. And the low price of used cars only adds to the attractiveness - a very decent budget option for those who appreciate rear-wheel drive and powerful engines.