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Toyota Mark II X90, 7 generation, restyling 09.1994 - 08.1996

7 generation, restyling
(X90) 09.1994 - 08.1996
E-GX90, E-JZX90, E-JZX90E, E-JZX91, E-JZX91E, E-JZX93, E-SX90, KD-LX90, Y-LX90Y
7 generation, restyling
The launch of the Toyota Mark II (as well as Chaser and Cresta) in the bodies of the 90th series was in 1992. The seventh generation of the Mark II became even more popular in its homeland than the previous one, and a few years later it turned into a truly "national" hit in the eastern part of Russia, where it was massively imported in the early 2000s (this fact was not left without even attention Japanese Wikipedia). A serious love for cars in this body did not arise from scratch. This is one of the most beautiful examples of the Japanese automobile industry of the 90s. Design Mark II demonstrates seemingly incompatible features: grace and predation at the same time. It is even believed that the goal of developing this model was to achieve the characteristics of the BMW M5.
 By the number of complete sets, the new Mark II is not inferior to the previous generation. Moreover, thanks to the period of the “soap bubble” economy, the qualitative approach to equipping models of this generation has changed. To express this difference, it must be mentioned that all the changes that took place in those years became basic. For example, front and rear - ventilated disc brakes; there were options with all-wheel drive, versions with "mechanics" for the "hottest" engines. Salon equipment corresponds to the level of business class. Fully automatic air conditioning is present even in basic trim levels. In mid-1994, a restyling was carried out, affecting the design of the horizontal line: the grille, the shape of the front bumper and rear lights changed.

 For the basic versions of “GL” and “Groire”, the 1.8-liter 4S-FE power unit was intended with a little more power than 120 hp compared to the previous generation. However, this is enough only for a quiet movement. As before, the optimal minimum should be considered a six-cylinder in-line 2-liter 1G-FE engine with a capacity of 135 liters. with., offered in trim levels "2.0 Grande". If you needed a hotter option, the buyer could choose the Mark II Tourer S, equipped with an in-line 2.5-liter 1JZ-GE engine with 180 hp. Or, if it’s “quite hotter”, a version of the “Tourer V” with a 2.5-liter engine 1JZ-GTE with a capacity of 280 “horses”. A three-liter engine of the same series 2JZ-GE (220 hp) came in exchange for the 7M-GE engine, which was placed on the previous generation. As before, a diesel option was also offered - 2L-TE with a capacity of 97 hp.

 The front suspension has been updated on the Mark II X90 - now it's a double wishbone design. The multi-link design of the back checked by time remained unchanged. In general, the chassis is strong enough and durable, if shock absorbers and ball bearings of the front suspension are not brought to a critical state, this is the most vulnerable spot. The car has grown, but at the same time its weight has even decreased by almost 100 kg compared to the previous model. Due to the high prestige of the Mark II, much attention is paid to noise insulation, qualitatively different suspension settings, which significantly changed the car's behavior for the better. Particular attention was paid to the quality of movement in the Tourer models: in addition to the sports suspension, the rear-wheel drive Mark II Tourer V is equipped with a limited slip differential (LSD). All-wheel drive modifications use the FullTime 4WD system with an asymmetric center differential and a hydromechanical locking clutch.

 The Mark II safety approach has improved according to the trends of the times. Two airbags, ABS, TRC systems were initially offered only in expensive trim levels, but gradually became more standard versions, and a driver airbag has been the standard for all modifications since 1995. For a long time, the Mark II of this generation was an almost perfect combination of indicators such as roominess, comfort, power, reliability. At the same time, a car of rather decent size has good maneuverability. Cars in this body are quite interesting in terms of price, while it is easy to find a copy that can pleasantly surprise you with its still good technical condition.