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Toyota MR-S W30, 3 generation 10.1999 - 07.2002

3 generation
(W30) 10.1999 - 07.2002
3 generation
The Toyota MR-S, which appeared in 1999, became a follower of the Toyota MR2 two-seater sports coupe with a mid-engine layout. Toyota MR-S, like MR2, is a mid-engined sports car that is very easy to drive. The bodywork design emphasizes the speed characteristics of the MR-S. On the roof of the car there is a window that is not equipped with an electric drive.
 The installation of the engine in the central section of the body helped to reduce the weight of the Toyota MR-S, increase the distance from the body to the road surface, as well as lengthen the wheelbase, which together ensured easy handling for this car. The weight of the MR-S is less than a ton.

 The MR-S is equipped with a 140-horsepower 4-cylinder engine with DOHC type of gas distribution, VVT-i electronic variable valve timing system and natural intake. All this provides the car with excellent speed characteristics and ease of driving. Toyota MR-S is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. You can choose models with a sequential mechanical transmission system without clutch function (clutchless SMT). SMT is activated under oil pressure, which creates a drive when shifting the gear lever. SMT is monitored electronically. Toyota MR-S does not have an automatic change of speeds; the speeds are switched using the switch located at the top of the lever, or using the button of the sequential shift switch.

 A variety of combinations of exterior color and interior Toyota MR-S are available, which will undoubtedly bring joy to the driver.