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Toyota MR2 2 generation 10.1989 - 10.1999

In 1989, the second generation of the mid-engined MR2 coupe appeared on the market. In a slightly increased body of this car, a 2-liter engine was installed in two versions: a 225 hp turbocharged one. (for modification GT) and atmospheric power of 165 hp (modifications G, G Limited).
 The character of the second generation model, compared with the first, has reached completeness and concreteness. The first changes to the second generation of MR2 were made at the end of 1991. The modified GT chassis was fitted with Bilstein and LSD shock absorbers (limited slip differential).

 The following changes were made to the model in 1993: the engine power of the turbo version of the MR2 increased to 245 hp, and the atmospheric version - up to 180 hp The braking system has been improved due to the ABS system. The rear wings were equipped with a "floating structure", changes were made to the suspension. Also, changes were made to the rear optics. After that, restyling and modernization of the MR2 were carried out in 1996 and 1997.