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Toyota Noah R70, 2 generation 06.2007 - 03.2010

2 generation
(R70) 06.2007 - 03.2010
2 generation
In 2007, the second generation Toyota Noah came out, a mid-range minivan with varying seating positions. If you compare Noah with his “brother” Voxy, the first is distinguished by a higher quality of materials and a more friendly exterior design, which is presented in standard and sporty versions. Compared to the previous generation, the Noah interior is a bit wide. Third row seats now fold easily into one-touch. The aperture of the sliding door has increased - boarding and disembarking of passengers has become more convenient. The car is equipped with a new 2-liter engine with variable valve timing. In combination with a CVT with manual shift function, this engine demonstrates improved fuel consumption efficiency and increased power characteristics.
 The interior of Toyota Noah has undergone significant changes. The new elongated central instrument panel with semicircles of scales and a multitude of sensors looks spectacular, on the stylish curved plane of the center console there is a widescreen display and an original control panel for dual-zone climate control. The multifunctional steering wheel in expensive trim levels is trimmed with leather and wood. In the second generation, the Noah interior has become even more spacious. The quick folding rear seat system instantly expands the useful interior volume. Swivel seats of the second row - a godsend for those who carry children in child seats. Even the basic version of “YY” with two rows of seats and a large trunk with a functional flooring is interesting in the trim line. There are numerous special versions with improved exterior and interior. Noah can offer a variety of aerodynamic parts kits, a 9-speaker audio system, and G-BOOK navigation. And, for example, the special X Smart Edition, released in 2009, has a chrome finish on the external door handles, an auto light system and an anti-theft alarm with an immobilizer, as well as a keyless entry and start-up system and both electric sliding doors. The advanced Toyota Noah engine of the 3ZR-FAE series is equipped with the new Valvematic gas distribution system, which controls the height of the intake valves and regulates the amount of air supplied to the cylinders. The system has become an excellent addition to the Dual VVT-i valve opening time change system. As a result, it was possible to achieve increased engine power and more efficient fuel consumption. The two-liter engine produces a maximum of 158 hp. power and 196 Nm of torque (155 "forces" and 192 Nm - in a modification with 4WD). Fuel consumption - 7-7.5 l / 100 km (front or four-wheel drive). The engine works in combination with a CVT continuously variable variator. Simpler models are equipped with a simplified version of this motor - the 3ZR-FE (Dual VVT-i) engine develops a maximum of 143 hp. (2WD) or 140 bhp (4WD) and consumes an average of 7.5-7.9 liters of gasoline per “hundred”. The fuel tank has a capacity of 60 liters.

 The second-generation Toyota Noah undercarriage inherited its predecessor type of construction. Front independent suspension with suspension struts such as MacPherson strut. Behind - semi-independent suspension (torsion beam). Front ventilated disc brakes, rear disc brakes. The car is equipped with an electric power steering. For 4WD versions, the all-wheel-drive “from the button” scheme remained the same - under normal conditions, Noah is front-wheel drive, if necessary, the system supplies torque to the rear wheels, automatically controlling traction (Active Torque Control). The dimensions of the body of the minivan in the second generation: 4595-4640 mm, width 1695-1720 mm, height 1850-1875 mm. The wheelbase has retained its previous size of 2825 mm, the minimum turning radius of 5.5 m. Noah has become even more spacious and functional. Interior dimensions: 2970 x 1485 x 1350 mm. For comparison, in the predecessor they were 2680 x 1470 x 1340 mm. Great opportunities for transporting people and goods complement the numerous clothing compartments. Safety Toyota Noah R70 meets strict requirements. The reinforced body structure provides reliable passive protection for the driver and passengers from all sides. In addition to the front airbags, the car offers optional side airbags and curtain airbags for the entire length of the passenger compartment. The equipment includes front belts with pretensioners and force limiters, child seat fasteners, active head restraints. Motion control is carried out by an anti-lock braking system and an auxiliary braking system. For an extra charge, a dynamic control system, a camera, an intelligent parking assistant and more were installed.

 The company tried to make Toyota Noah as attractive as possible for a variety of owners. The car characterizes the optimal balance between comfort, passenger and cargo capacity. New engines have become even more efficient: more powerful and more economical. But increased requirements for service, quality consumables. The disadvantages are usually called hard plastic interior, low ground clearance and large overhangs.