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Toyota Noah R80, 3 generation 01.2014 - 06.2017

3 generation
(R80) 01.2014 - 06.2017
3 generation
In 2014, sales of the third generation of Toyota Noah and Toyota Voxy minivans began in Japan. At the heart of the new model is the concept of “Emotional Box”, which translates into human language as “a practical, economical and comfortable minivan for the whole family”. Toyota Voxy and Toyota Noah R80 series - cars are really new, and not well redesigned old. A more modern platform was used, “sports technologies” were used in welding structures, that is, the number of welding points was increased, which had a good effect on the rigidity of the body. As usual, Noah externally differs from the Voxy front end, which is dominated by a horizontal chrome surround grille and large headlights. In addition to modifications with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine (152 hp), hybrid versions are now combined with a 1.8-liter Atkinson engine and an electric motor with a total output of 136 hp.
 The comfortable interior of a modern minivan implies the mandatory presence of a flat floor, at least in Japan. Voxy and Noah are designed on a new platform that meets this criterion. Floor height 360 mm - now the entrance and exit will not cause problems even for a child. Thanks to the new mechanism, the third-row seats (5: 5) are folded with one movement of the hand. The second row of the 8-seater cabin has separate seats (6: 4) with longitudinal adjustment of 580 mm. The 7-seater saloon is even more flexible in this respect - the length of the runners is 810 mm, and if the seats of the third row are folded, then two separate seats of the second row can be moved as far back as possible. The top-end equipment Si features an exclusive performance in a sports style, comfort options include electric sliding doors and one-touch controls, three-zone climate control, two sunroofs, heated seats, and an audio system with powerful, realistic sound space. Expanded equipment, with the inclusion of most of the options listed, features a special Noah series called Delight Plus (2015), coupled with a special body color Ice Titanium Mica Metallic. The sporty Toyota Noah G's (2016) is distinguished by its original appearance - an aggressive body kit, sports bumpers and alloy wheels 18 '', red brake calipers, specially tuned suspension, exclusive interior details.

 The main feature of the new Noah and Voxy is, of course, a hybrid propulsion system borrowed from the Toyota Prius: a 1.8-liter gasoline engine, paired with an electric motor. Even the power of the installation is the same - 136 hp. Consumption in mixed mode - 4.2 liters per hundred. 20% more than the Prius, but the minivan’s body is much heavier. The hybrid's electric transmission is variable, and the drive is implemented only on the front wheels. Nickel-metal hydride batteries are mounted under the front seats. Models with a classic powerplant are equipped with a 2.0-liter 3ZR-FAE. The same were put on the last generation. The engine was modernized to improve efficiency in the medium and low ranges. At the same time, the maximum power sank a little. If the previous generation developed 158 hp, then the current one only 152 hp, and the maximum torque decreased to 19.3 kg-m from the previous 20. In combination with the engine restart system, the fuel consumption is 6.25 l / 100 km The traditional power plant is aggregated with a variable gearbox equipped with a mechanism for forcibly changing the range of operation, or in a simple way - seven pseudo-gears. Both pre-drive and all-wheel drive versions are available.

 Toyota Noah / Voxy suspension combines an independent front structure (McPherson strut) and a semi-independent rear (torsion beam). The developers managed to minimize roll in corners, achieving a more even course and stability on the road. Minivan disc brakes (front ventilated), foot type parking brake, electric power steering. In the new generation, the dimensions of cars have changed. The wheelbase has increased by 25 mm and is 2850 mm. 100 mm (4695 mm) were added to the length of the machine, the total width remained unchanged - 1695 mm, and the overall height was reduced by 25 mm (1825 mm). The dimensions of the cabin are impressive: 2930 x 1540 x 1400 (L x W x H). The width of the opening of the sliding doors is 805 mm. The opening of the tailgate is 1100 mm in the narrowest place, while the seats of the 3rd row folded along the sides do not interfere with loading at all. Height from the ground to the boot floor level - 500 mm (535 mm - 4WD).

 Toyota Noah has a safe GOA body, seven pillows, active head restraints, belts with pretensioners and force limiters, child seat fastenings. The equipment also includes numerous active safety systems and the Toyota Safety Sense C complex, which includes a collision avoidance system based on a laser radar and a camera, a lane departure warning function and automatic high beam - a standard for hybrid cars from January 2016 .

 In the third generation, Toyota Noah has become more sophisticated in terms of safety. A spacious interior, a full third row of seats, a flexible transformation system make the car attractive for large families and travel lovers. There was a choice in power plants - traditional gasoline or a hybrid. At the same time, the design remains an amateur, the ground clearance is clearly designed for exceptionally high-quality roads, sound insulation and decoration materials leave much to be desired.