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Toyota Prius a XW40, 1 generation, restyling 11.2014 - present

1 generation, restyling
(XW40) 11.2014 - present
1 generation, restyling
With the general hybridization of Toyota's lineup, it would be logical to see in it a golf minivan, something like the Corolla Verso. Prius α (Alpha) is just such a model. It was created on the basis of a conventional hatchback (which is 155 mm longer and 75 mm higher), because the hybrid installation here is the THSII system, known from other cars of the company. Of the differences - the battery. If the five-seat Prius α is traditional, nickel-metal hydride and is located under the trunk floor, then in the 7-seater version there is simply no room left for it. Therefore, the manufacturer chose a lithium-ion analogue of similar volume and performance, but much more compact. Dimensions allowed to place it between the front seats, under the box for CD.
 The car is offered in a wide variety of trim levels, including a 5-seater and 7-seater saloon, as well as the Touring selection version with improved equipment. In the “S” configuration, the car is equipped with 16-inch wheels, halogen headlights, fog lamps, a smart entry and start system with a button, the seats have a standard type of fabric upholstery, the front ones with four adjustments; the dashboard on the passenger side is finished with synthetic leather; the center console has different sizes and configurations depending on the number of seats in the cabin, as in the 7-seat Prius α, as already mentioned, the battery is hidden under the armrest box. More expensive trim levels are distinguished by the presence of a panoramic roof, 17-inch aluminum wheels, front and rear spoilers, cruise control, improved seat upholstery, leather paneling and the driver's side, in addition, the driver's seat has six adjustments. The second row seats move back and forth, the backs can be folded down to sit impressively. Trunk volume in a 7-seater cabin is 505 liters with the third row seats folded and 1035 liters, if you add the second row. In the case of a 5-seater cabin, the useful luggage volume is even greater - 535 liters, and with the rear seats folded down - 1070 liters.

 The Toyota Prius α powerplant consists of a 1.8-liter 99-liter 2ZR-FXE gasoline engine. pp., functioning according to the Atkinson cycle, and a 60-kilowatt electric motor. The total energy efficiency is estimated at the same 136 forces as the regular Prius, providing excellent acceleration. Low fuel consumption allows the Prius α to drive 26.2 kilometers per liter. There is a power saving mode and the ability to move only on electric traction - in EV mode, no vibration and noise are felt. The car's suspension is similar to that on a regular Prius - suspension struts in front and a torsion bar in the rear. Of the innovations - traction control system that allows you to compensate for the longitudinal buildup on bumps. Ground clearance (vehicle clearance) is 145 mm. It is an acceptable indicator, and even 5 mm more than the hatchback. The car has a length of 4615 mm, wheelbase - 2780 mm, the turning radius can also not be called small - 5.5 meters. But the large and wide body provided spaciousness of the cabin and maximum comfort for passengers.

 Like the hatchback, the Toyota Prius α minivan shows a high level of safety. The VSC system provides excellent directional stability, including thanks to the steering. As for the radar that tracks the passing vehicles ahead, the launch assistant on the rise and the sound simulation of the internal combustion engine, this electronics here is no longer surprising. For free, what is offered here as standard. The car is equipped with airbags: front, side and full-length airbags (including the third row) curtain airbags. In addition - three-point belts of all seats, active head restraints. Hill Start Assist Control provides smooth starting. As an option, radar cruise control and an intelligent parking assistance system are offered.

 The new Prius α is a “hybrid” variant for those who, in addition to driving with minimal fuel consumption, need a spacious and roomy interior. True, right-hand drive models offered now are still rare, but still ahead. An excellent combination of characteristics, excellent external data should provide this car with a confident future in the Russian market.