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Toyota Prius XW20, 2 generation, 2 restyling 06.2009 - 12.2011

2 generation, 2 restyling
(XW20) 06.2009 - 12.2011
2 generation, 2 restyling
In June 2009, a month after updating the Toyota Prius generations, the company decided to continue production of the NHW20 in parallel with the third generation. This was dictated by the considerations of the ongoing competition with Honda, in particular, with its model Honda Insight, which in the first generation could not yet fully compete with the Toyota hybrid, but in the second generation, offering new engines and a low price , secured a high popularity and a place among the bestsellers of the market. Toyota had no choice but to leave a more affordable version of the previous Prius on the assembly line.
 In the new hypostasis, the second Prius was produced in a single EX configuration from June 2009 to December 2011. The competitive price of 1,890 thousand yen ($ 19,858) made the model affordable to most buyers. We note at the same time that the starting price of the simplest configuration of the third Prius, which went on sale in May of the same year, amounted to 2,050 thousand. yen. As for the Prius EX, it was offered in three colors (white, silver metallic and black), with a gray interior and a radiator grille painted in body color. The equipment, unlike the G and S trim levels, is significantly reduced: there is no cruise control, car parking system, smart key and other options. But, by the way, everything you need for unpretentious buyers is present, including power accessories, automatic air conditioning and a CD player. Also included in the standard equipment is casting 15 inches, a rear spoiler and a wiper on the tailgate. As an option, rear fog lights and a navigation system were available.

 The hybrid powerplant is exactly what the Prius is valued and loved for. In this, most importantly, the EX equipment is no different from what the Prius has offered before. Fuel consumption is only 2.8 liters per 100 km. Its reduction is facilitated by the power converter of the second-generation hybrid system, which has significantly increased efficiency, an excellent drag coefficient of the car (0.26), the presence of an electric power steering and an electric air conditioner. The maximum speed is 180 km / h, on an electric motor - 60 km / h.

 NHW20 Toyota Prius suspension with suspension struts in front and rear torsion bar suspension. And in everything else, the Prius EX is fully consistent with the basic version. Steering gear rack type, as already mentioned, with electric power. Front disc brakes, ventilated. Rear drum. Front-wheel drive, continuously variable transmission (variator). The minimum turning radius is 5.1 m.

 The set of Prius EX systems and security features has its own differences, however, not too significant - after all, safety is above all. There are two standard pillows, as in the main version. Side and curtain curtains were offered as an option. At the same time, the car is equipped with anti-lock brakes ABS, auxiliary braking system (BAS) and traction control. What is missing is an intelligent parking assistance system and an electronic stability control system.

 The right-hand drive Prius in the EX configuration has an asset - an affordable price, fresh year of manufacture, low mileage of cars offered on the secondary market. In this case, the cherished “middle ground” is obtained for those who do not have big needs - after all, this is absolutely the same Prius, with the exception of some details, but with the most important thing - a hybrid engine and excellent fuel consumption indicators.