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Toyota Pronard XX20, 1 generation 04.2000 - 08.2002

1 generation
(XX20) 04.2000 - 08.2002
1 generation
Pronard compared to Toyota Celsior is a less cosmopolitan car. Firstly, the Pronard body is slightly larger, secondly, the car is quieter, the interior is more spacious, and thirdly, Toyota Pronard is a more luxurious and accordingly more expensive car than Toyota Celsior. For all those who were ready to purchase a high-class car, the appearance of Toyota Pronard was just a gift.
 In 2000, Toyota Pronard, assembled in America, was introduced to the potential target market for front-wheel drive upper middle class cars. The base for this car was Toyota Camry and Toyota Windom. The spacious interior of Toyota Pronard is quite unusual for cars of this class. A distinctive feature of the car, without a doubt, is the impressive size of the side windows providing excellent visibility and a wide roof. The cabin has more than enough space for a comfortable trip; neither the right nor the left does not interfere with passengers who are seated in the rear seats. Thanks to the high roof and large legroom, the trip to Pronard will be very convenient and comfortable.

 Toyota Pronard merged the body of Toyota Crown and the spacious interior of Toyota Celsior. The Pronard is equipped with a 215-horsepower V-shaped 6-cylinder engine of 3 liters and a 4-speed automatic transmission. And also such technical innovations as the TRC traction control system, the VSC system of directional stability, the brake booster, the new progressive power steering. The model with a 3-liter engine can accommodate 6 people, three of whom are in the front seat. Toyota Pronard is referred to only as the "American sedan."