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Toyota Sprinter Trueno E110, 7 generation, restyling 04.1997 - 07.2000

7 generation, restyling
(E110) 04.1997 - 07.2000
E-AE110, E-AE111
7 generation, restyling
This generation of the Toyota Corolla Levin coupe and Toyota Sprinter Trueno, released in 1995, has an “angularly elongated” design. However, the general concept is inherited from previous generations of the model. As before, the difference between the Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno lies in the different design of the front and rear optics and the presence / absence of a radiator grill. In the AE110 / AE111 series, in addition to a complete change in the model range, important changes have also taken place, such as a decrease in the weight of the car compared to its predecessor - depending on the modification, the difference can be up to 70 kg, which positively affected the mileage in terms of liter of fuel. At the same time, the external dimensions are left practically unchanged.
 The basic equipment offers: power steering, power accessories (power windows, side mirrors, central locking), folding rear seat. Of the options - sunroof, alloy wheels, front fog lights, rear spoiler with integrated additional brake light, rear wiper. Starting with the more expensive version of the FZ, vertical steering wheel adjustment, air conditioning, a radio, and options include climate control, a CD player, a remote control, folding side mirrors, etc. n. The first changes in the car occurred already in 1996, when some equipment was standardized and new colors were added, in particular silver metallic. A year later there were small changes in the appearance of the car, for example, a bumper with round fog lights began to be used, a new radiator grille and headlights with a multi-reflector appeared.

 Compared with the previous generation, the major changes have affected the engines that this car is equipped with. An engine with a supercharger was considered obsolete, as a result of which they refused to designate the class configuration with the usual abbreviation GT. Now, the top-end modification of the BZ has a 1.6-liter 20-valve naturally aspirated engine with a DOHC system with a capacity of 165 hp, which is more than enough for ordinary roads. Also, a 100-horsepower 1.5-liter engine (FZ equipment) and a 1.6-liter capacity of 115 liters were installed on the Levin / Trueno. with. (modification of XZ). All versions were equipped with both a manual gearbox and an automatic. In 1997, a six-speed manual transmission appeared in the BZ modification. In the same period, the characteristics of the 4A-FE engine were adjusted, which reduced power to 110 hp, and fuel consumption decreased.

 The chassis of the Corolla Levin / Sprinter Trueno has not changed much, but thanks to changes in the production of parts, the developers, as already mentioned, managed to reduce the weight of the car as a whole. At the same time, all the best achievements in the top modifications are preserved - fully disc brakes, the presence of both anti-roll bars, limited slip differential, sports suspension. As usual, the most dynamic modifications are equipped with sports tires, dimensions 185 / 60R14 or 195 / 55R15, as opposed to the standard 13-inch tires of the basic version, which also has rear drum brakes, as on the usual "wooden" Corolla. Even more significant advances have occurred in terms of equipping security systems, and during the life of a generation. From the previous version, cars manufactured in 1995 inherited “in the base” side stiffeners, child seat fasteners, three-point seat belts, and of the options - a driver's airbag and anti-lock brake system. But already in December of that year, with the advent of limited versions, a driver airbag and ABS became the standard. The most serious changes occurred in April 1997, when the standard for the GOA body type was adopted, which significantly improved passive safety. At the same time, the car received both front airbags (a passenger was added), seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters as standard equipment on all models.

 Despite the fact that the equipment of Levin / Trueno even improved, this fact did not change the position of the car on the market after the crisis in Japan - the demand for it seriously fell, as a result of which the model had to be abandoned. On this generation, the long history of the Corolla Levin ends. Nevertheless, due to its main feature - the coupe body - the car has taken root well in the Russian market, being in demand among those who love dynamic and sports cars.