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Toyota Town Ace Noah R40, R50, 5 generation, restyling 12.1998 - 10.2001

5 generation, restyling
(R40, R50) 12.1998 - 10.2001
5 generation, restyling
In 1996, Toyota Town Ace and Lite Ace minibuses underwent a complete upgrade. As a result of this modernization, the Toyota Town Ace Noah appeared - a compact one-room car (4.4 m long, 1.7 m wide) with three rows of seats and a capacity of 7-8 people. Distinctive features of the new model are increased impact resistance, reliability and wide functional passenger space of the cabin. Town Ace Noah can be safely called a car designed for active recreation with the whole family. Variations in the characteristics of Town Ace Noah will not disappoint the buyer: you can choose between a 2-liter gasoline engine or a 2.2-liter turbodiesel, between four-wheel drive modifications or models with a 2WD drive, and also stop either on a 5-speed manual transmission or on a 4-speed automatic .

  The body of Town Ace Noah is equipped with a large front bumper and aerodynamic body kits, as well as sliding doors. Some Town Ace Noah trim levels include easy closer and power assist door closing and opening systems.