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Toyota Town Ace S400, 4 generation 02.2008 - present

4 generation
(S400) 02.2008 - present
ABF-S402M, ABF-S412M, DBF-S402M, DBF-S412M
4 generation
This minivan was designed by Toyota in collaboration with Daihatsu, and only Daihatsu designs and manufactures. The 1.5-liter engine is located under the front seats, and the spaced apart corners of the wheels and a short front overhang form a “boxy” silhouette. The body pillars have a fairly slight slope, which provides a comfortable fit and landing, as well as good visibility. Convenient body shape, as well as sliding doors on both sides, coupled with the rear door, provide quick and efficient loading and unloading of luggage. A good impression is made by the rational height of the seats and sills. The top equipment “GL” includes a painted bumper, combined seat upholstery (with fabric inserts), electric door locks and power windows. (January 2008)
 The standard equipment of the van was replenished with seat belts of the rear seats, a rear lower mirror and a handrail to close the rear door. The door electric lock has been added to the “DX” package, and the function of automatically raising the driver’s window with the push of a button is added to the “GL”. (December 2009)

 All modifications are now available in an all-wheel drive version with a locking center differential. All-wheel drive models, in addition, are equipped with equipment for regions with a cold climate. Completely redesigned ceiling. (July 2010)