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Toyota Tundra XK50, 2 generation, restyling 05.2009 - 08.2013

2 generation, restyling
(XK50) 05.2009 - 08.2013
GSK50, GSK51, UPK50, UPK51, UPK52, UPK55, UPK56, UPK57, USK50, USK51, USK52, USK55, USK56, USK57
2 generation, restyling
The second generation of the full-size Toyota Tundra pickup was introduced in 2006, and went on sale in 2007. The car became larger than its predecessor, and also received a new V8 engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters, delivering a maximum power of 381 hp. This motor is manufactured specifically for the North American market at the company's plant in Alabama. In addition to it, the line of engines includes a 4.6-liter V8 with a capacity of 310 liters. with. and 4-liter V6 - 236 hp The pickup also received powerful braking mechanisms with four-piston calipers and ventilated brake discs.
 Tundra is offered with three cab options: single (Regular Cab), one and a half (Double Cab) and double (Crew Max). Regular Cab and Double Cab are available with a standard or extended loading platform.